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Mystery Vegetable

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Ok I think we are back to the begining because

carob pods are shaped more like pea pods with seams and indentations between the seeds....also currently out of season

and why the heck would they be selling Cassia Fistula which is primarily used as a laxative, in the produce dept??


It's a raw food product. Cassia supports the detoxifying work of the body. It has an effect on cell cleansing and on blood cleansing and supports the digestive System. So for raw food vegetarians the fruits of Cassia Fistula is a basic ingredient.

H.B. aka "Legourmet"

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It looks like some purple version of kohlrabi. I love kohlrabi raw--I just peel it and slice it very thin and sprinkle it with salt of choice, or it can be used as a vehicle for a variety of dips. The outside is usually pretty tough, and needs to be well-trimmed/peeled with a knife. It will probably be pale green inside, but maybe not; I don't think I've ever had purple kohlrabi. It's popular in Chinatown, so I am guessing it is good for stir-fry too.

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