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  1. Wow, the formatting gods don't like me
  2. Thanks for the great responses! The Vidalia is exactly what I'm looking for. Fyi, I do have an excellent Japanese chef knife that I got at Korin before I left NY. It needs sharpening though, something I'm not familiar with nor have I been able to find a service near me. Besides, someone needs to teach me how to use it! I'm really hopeless in the kitchen and cook out of necessity, not for fun!
  3. I gotcha. My goal is to get the job done quickly as patience is not a virtue. I mostly cook for myself so appearance is unimportant. And my knife skills are severely lacking.
  4. This is probably dumb, but here goes. I was looking online for an egg slicer and found that there are general-purpose slicers available to dice onions, celery, etc. I had no idea. Could the torture of dicing onions be over?! I mostly want one to slice eggs and dice onions. Are these multi-use devices worth it? Not that they cost that much. Which one is recommended?
  5. Thanks everyone. I ordered the $44 Victorinox. While I'm here, is there a magical device available for knife sharpening? I'm prehistoric and have yet to sharpen a knife. And there's no service that I'm aware of in my area.
  6. Thanks, this seems to fit the bill and with a great price to boot. I was looking at reviews of the Global G-2. It comes recommended by several review sites. It's more expensive than the Victorinix but seems very nice. Then again, I will defer to opinions from people that know something 🙂
  7. I need to replace my all-purpose knife. I've mostly narrowed it down to a 7" or 8" lightweight chef knife for under $100. I am an infrequent cook, unskilled with knife handling and don't want to spend a fortune. I'll need to buy it online. Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. Okay, my bad. I thought a mortar & pestle ran about $30. I found one locally for around $10. And yes, cheaper than Mala.
  9. Is there an easy way to do this? Most seem to recommend heating up the peppercorns and then grinding. I use a cleaver to pound the peppercorns but that doesn't seem to work all that well. And I'm too cheap to buy a mortar and pestle since I have no other use for it. I bought a szechuan pepper grinder from Mala Market but it takes around 70 twists to get a teaspoon with a bonus of a sprained wrist. Help!
  10. I admit total ignorance when it comes to sausages. Other than Italian :). With that said, which sausages (appropriate for Chinese cuisine) are recommended that don't need refrigeration and are available online? I assume only hard sausages don't necessitate refrigeration.
  11. Clearly, I need to do more research! Thanks for the info
  12. I have some basic questions. I remember making a sausage and rice dish when I took classes decades ago and I'd like to replicate it. After searching, I'm finding this is not as simple as I thought. I bought Lap Xuong Thuong Hang (Kam Yen Jan) from Amazon. What is the best way to prepare/cook the sausage? I found a basic recipe, lop cheung chow fan that calls for these sausages. It appears similar to what I had in the past. Are there other recommended dishes? Or other recommended sausages? Caveat: I have to buy them online. Thank you.
  13. Thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Does it make much of a difference if I use corn starch instead of potato starch? I'm guessing corn vs. potato starch has come up before.
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