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  1. Okay, my bad. I thought a mortar & pestle ran about $30. I found one locally for around $10. And yes, cheaper than Mala.
  2. Is there an easy way to do this? Most seem to recommend heating up the peppercorns and then grinding. I use a cleaver to pound the peppercorns but that doesn't seem to work all that well. And I'm too cheap to buy a mortar and pestle since I have no other use for it. I bought a szechuan pepper grinder from Mala Market but it takes around 70 twists to get a teaspoon with a bonus of a sprained wrist. Help!
  3. I admit total ignorance when it comes to sausages. Other than Italian :). With that said, which sausages (appropriate for Chinese cuisine) are recommended that don't need refrigeration and are available online? I assume only hard sausages don't necessitate refrigeration.
  4. Clearly, I need to do more research! Thanks for the info
  5. I have some basic questions. I remember making a sausage and rice dish when I took classes decades ago and I'd like to replicate it. After searching, I'm finding this is not as simple as I thought. I bought Lap Xuong Thuong Hang (Kam Yen Jan) from Amazon. What is the best way to prepare/cook the sausage? I found a basic recipe, lop cheung chow fan that calls for these sausages. It appears similar to what I had in the past. Are there other recommended dishes? Or other recommended sausages? Caveat: I have to buy them online. Thank you.
  6. Thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Does it make much of a difference if I use corn starch instead of potato starch? I'm guessing corn vs. potato starch has come up before.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I never tire of watching videos showing technique.
  8. Mapo Tofu - The Woks of Life.pdf Woks of life called for the thai chillies for the Mapo Tofu recipe. I was looking for a tofu recipe with a little kick. I've only made home-style tofu. I found it to be rather bland. I found this on Amazon. It seems to be similar to the Pixian Doubanjiang recommended. Do you guys think this would be a good substitute in the woks of life recipe for Mapo Tofu? Or, is there another tofu recipe recommended that is not so bland?
  9. Mapo tofu recipe calls for this. Is there a substitute? Ground cayenne? Is it an often used ingredient? I haven't come across it.
  10. Super, thanks. I downloaded the kindle version. blue_dolphin - Asians in Medellín are rare, let alone Asian restaurants. The several Chinese restaurants are awful and feature dishes like chow mein and egg foo yung. Surprisingly though, there's a good Vietnamese restaurant and I've called on them for help in sourcing ingredients. There are no Asian food groups (I looked), though there is a helpful food group on FB for Medellín expats. However, I'm pretty much on my own with Chinese cooking. Thank goodness for the Internet and youtube. And egullet. I didn't think to look around for Internet forums until now and was pleasantly surprised to find a Chinese section here.
  11. Yes, Pearl River. I'm glad I guessed that it was a good choice :). As I mentioned, I've only been making simple/basic dishes due to difficulty in finding ingredients. But more so, due to my lack of cooking skills. That said, I've made chicken curry, kung pao chicken with cashews, Szechuan string beans, spicy snow peas, chicken with oyster sauce, fried rice, ants climbing a tree (I need to find a better noodle) and Szechuan tofu stir-fry. I started cooking Chinese food about 2 months ago and generally make 1 dish every week. Thanks for your insights and helpful info.
  12. I had no idea my question was not straightforward! Thanks to everyone for the enlightenment. I decided to experiment a bit starting with Golden Label Superior light to be used alongside Kikkoman.
  13. Amazon delivers to Colombia but it's shipped from the US. They also do not deliver food products. Still, not a big issue for me as I regularly use a freight forwarder. If it would make a noticeable difference for my needs, I have no problem ordering from Amazon. If you care to recommend something, I'm all ears. Thanks. [I checked a couple of recommendations from Liuzhou and didn't see either available online.]
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