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  1. glenn

    Boca Raton

    Here we go again in what seemingly has become a tradition. I think I got him (it's actually for my brother and his wife) a gift certificate for Truluck's last year. I didn't get much of a reaction from him, sort of, been there done that sort of thing, ungrateful bastid. -) For this year, I'm looking for something he probably never tried but not too far off the beaten path. Again, he's in Boca. I called Whale's Rib and they said you have to come in person to get a gift certificate!! That sounded crazy and I have to call back for the manager if I want to pursue it. Is that a place he probably wouldn't be familiar with? It also seems to fit in nicely with my budget, which is meager this year. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. glenn

    Boca Raton

    Another year, another birthday, another suggestion please. Food Shack would be an excellent choice but it's 40 miles from Boca, a distance traveled only by foodies. My brother is not in that category. He liked Six Tables a whole lot. So, again, something a little out of the ordinary and under $150 for 2 near Boca. Thanks.
  3. glenn

    Boca Raton

    Hey Jason! I know where I'm eating when I visit. Food Shack looks tremendous. Six Tables is a done deal and it looks pretty unique. I also think it's more apropros for my brother, fuddy duddy that he is. I'd love to read a review about it by you.
  4. glenn

    Boca Raton

    Thanks for the responses. I should have mentioned that my brother and I are from NY and I was looking for something off the beaten path, something unique to the area. We have Ruth's Chris here. I saw Six Tables on yelp which got great reviews. Does anyone know of them?
  5. glenn

    Boca Raton

    I'm looking to get a gift certificate for 2 for a restaurant in this area for my brother's birthday. He'll be vacationing in the area with his wife for 3 months starting in January. Unfortunately, I have no useful info regarding cuisine preference or anything else. I'm looking to spend between $100-$150. Thanks for any helpful info.
  6. Anything new on this subject?
  7. glenn


    Who would've thunk that JC would get an "excellent" restaurant. I was there twice and had great experiences. On my last visit, I had the Ox Tail appetizer and the Pan Roasted Duck Breast. Both were amazing. I never had ox tail before but I am now hooked. I also had the kale as a side, also quite interesting. While the food is arguably the best that JC has to offer, I find it even more exciting that such a unique restaurant not only has the balls to open in JC, but to open on Newark Ave., a stretch filled with 99 cent stores. And from what I understand, it's doing a hefty business. Bravo.
  8. Someone pointed out this post. The short answer is sadly, no. I loved being a part of Melt and most everything about it except scrubbing the toilet and losing a whole lot of sheckles. It amazes me that I still get inquiries about Melt, on average about 1 a week. But life goes on and I'm back to doing something else I love, restaurant accounting. Thanks for asking!
  9. glenn

    Long Island

    It's 3 years later and another birthday. After a gazillion birthdays, my imagination is shot and it's gift certificate time again. I went with PL last time and it was right up his/their alley. Are the above recommendations still relevant? Any new place? Many thanks.
  10. The JC location seems to be as popular as ever. Having some free time on my hands for once, I decided to check it out again to see if I was a little harsh in my initial assessment. The answer is a resounding NO. Maybe this locale is different, but they do not make their burger anything but crisp. I just don't get it. The staff has also lost much of its enthusiasm since they first opened and (thankfully), my ear plugs can be retired - their decibel level when screaming out the order to the cooks has dropped about 50%. The wait was still inordinately long, not quite 15 minutes but close.
  11. Hey Eric, I'm absolootely thrilled to hear about your success! I hope to make it by today - I've been waiting for the excitement to die down, but from the sound of it, that could be a good long while. Great news about eyewitness news... did Lauren Glassberg, aka glenn's idol and object of daydreams, do the piece? Well, I guess I'll find out later.
  12. Is this delivery or takeout? I'm assuming delivery. For Jersey City, hands down Amiya, an Indian restaurant on the waterfront. Great for sit down service too. Not much else except the usual Italian/Chinese.
  13. Eric, one of the bonuses of closing the business is I'll be able to eat out again (and sleep, and not have to look at mr. mop and not come home home smelling like cheese every night so my wife and cat run away, well, my wife and....). I can't wait to check out your dogs. Btw, I might have some extra Don's dogs if you're interested. Unless I have a dog run. That's what you're using, right? Matt, as far as the "sale" goes, I really need to draw up a list. I'm sort of playing it by ear and for now am planning on just simply give an xx% discount on all menu items and a greater discount, like 50% on retail items and paper goods. Some of the equipment is spoken for and some is up for sale on ebay (search my user name, gsusser.) Sorry I can't be more specific at this point. As for the inventory, I'll have to wait and see what's left over, but I don't anticipate selling out of 6 commercial-size cans of kraut in a few days ) There is precious little gourmet cheese as I never bought much of any one kind at at time wanting to rotate it. For now, if you email me what you're interested in, I can probably give you a better idea.
  14. First and foremost, thanks for all the kind words. I'm really overwhelmed at the reactions I've gotten since Melt was still in its formative stages, and now, all the kind words regarding the end, the end of Melt #1 that is. Like I mentioned in my email, I'm not free to get into the details of the reasons for the closing, but suffice to say that part of the problem was the location. I agree that JC is a strange animal. However, the goal was to get most of my business from downtown JC, not from elsewhere in NJ, though that would be an added bonus. I'm not married to JC and I also agree that the only area in JC that might be suitable is the waterfront. Honestly though, I think a place like Princeton near the school or similar such areas would be better suited for such a place. Anyway, like I said earlier, it's been a long strange trip and one that made me realize how much I love this business (and how insane I am). I'm ready to do it again tomorrow. On someone else's dime though ).
  15. I need something economical (under $100) for my cafe to cut thick grilled sandwiches. Thanks for any suggestions.
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