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  1. sounds like the "Rieser Bauerntorte", served in the region around the village Noerdlingen. It's an Applecake with a dense crust and the filling is apple puree. Sorry I've no reciepe but will be in Noerdlingen in about three weeks to get one. If this cake sounds familiar to that one you've had once, I'll post it then.
  2. Reservations can be done by call each day (except Sundays and Mondays) at 15:00 o'clock and then you can ask about the menue beeing served for dinner. If you don't like a course, changes can be possibly done on desire.
  3. There is no recommendable place serving regional specialities within the walking distance you mentioned. The restaurant "Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige" in the Nymphenburg Castle offers regional dishes. May be the new owner serves now better food. I haven't been there lately. There are two restaurants in the Nymphenburg-Neuhauser aera which I can recommend: "Broeding" http://www.broeding.de/ and "Zauberberg" http://www.restaurant-zauberberg.de/restau...-zauberberg.htm May be these Restaurants are within the 15 to 20 minutes walk but it depends where you'll stay.
  4. These are definitely king trumpet mushrooms, but in a very poor condition. (The latin name is Pleurotus eryngii). Also known as King Oyster, Pleorote du Panicaut, Argonane, Bouligoule, Champignon de Garrigue, Cardoncello, Cardarello. I would say throw it away.
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    Dinner! 2008

    Thank you. Because of what did you chuckle? Did I made a mistake, or did I use expressions which don't excist in the English Language? The protrusion is made of white chocolate. I used a palette knife to spread liquid chocolate onto a silicon foil and placed it into a freezer to harden.
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    Dinner! 2008

    We had for yesterday's Dinner Soup: Lemongrass-Cappuccino with shrimps and ginger skewer First course: Steamed codfish loin on cucumber noodles with mashed potatoes and two mustard sauces Second course: Lamb loin with herbed crust on provencal vegetables with eggplant terrine, dried tomatoes and garlic-lemon sauce Dessert: Thai-Mango with Gianduja-creme on coconut cookie with ivoire-praline icecreme and mango-maracuja foam.
  7. You forgot Diethard Urbansky at Dallmayr's the second 2* Restaurant in Munich besides Tantris. Sorry I didn't see the first Message, where Urbansky is mentioned.
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    The omelette is a salted mixture of beaten eggwhites and eggyolks fried in a pan and folded up. The bottom and top part is some sort of solid whereas the middle is still soft and starts to become liquid again when served. Did you ever had beaten raw eggwhites seasoned with salt? Somethig like that tastes this omelette. That's not my cup of tea.
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    Forget about La Mère Poulard. It's interesting seeing the men whipping eggs in these copper bowls. The windows are open and you might have a look to the procedure in the kitchen, but the dish "Omelette a la Mère Poularde" is nothing to have been tasted. I didn't like it and after the first bit I've sent it back to the kitchen. Even the other meals are not worth to step in. Cancale, St.Malo and Erquay are much more better places to eat. (Remember the adresses I've sent to you).
  10. I made the last rumtopf years ago and the ingredients have been for a 3 liter pot. 250 g strawberries 250 g peaches peeled and diced 250 g cherries, stones removed 250 g red currants 250 g plums, stones removed 250 g Abricots, peeled and diced 750 g sugar 0,7 liters rum 54% I added the fruits at their seasonal peak and let sit the rumtopf until december 25th. Apples and blackberries don't become soft that's why I can't recommend to use it for rumtopf fruits.
  11. Here are some restaurants which are worth a 1 to 2 hours ride from Greinau. City; "name of the restaurant" (chef) -- distance in km-- ** time ** /rated/ Murnau; "Alpenhof Murnau – Reiterzimmer" (Thilo Bischoff) -- 30 -- ** 37 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here Rottach-Egern; "Dichterstub'n" (Michael Fell) -- 83 -- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Tantris" (Hans Haas) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /2 Michelin stars/ see here München; "Acquarello" (Waldemar Gollan) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Dallmayr" (Diethard Urbansky) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Königshof" (Martin Fauster) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Mandarin Oriental" – Mark's (Mario Corti) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Schuhbeck's in den Südtiroler Stuben" (Patrick Raaß) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here München; "Terrine" (Jakob Stüttgen) -- 95 to 100-- ** 1 hour 30 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here Probstried; "Landhaus Henze" (Christian Henze) --100-- ** 1 hour 40 minutes ** /1 Michelin star/ see here Rohrdorf; "Gut Apfelkam" (Stephan Brandl) -- 112 -- ** 1 hour 50 minutes** /1 Michelin star/ see here Aschau im Chiemgau; "Restaurant Heinz Winkler" (Heinz Winkler) -- 125 -- ** 2 hours ** /3 Michelin stars/ see here Augsburg; "August" (Christian Grünwald) -- 126 -- ** 2 hours ** /1 Michelin star/ see here Kirchdorf b. Mühldorf; "Christian's Restaurant – Gasthof Grainer" (Christian Grainer)-- 150 -- ** 2 hours ** /1 Michelin star/ see here
  12. I second TGullet's question re: G-Munich?? I'm heading to Munich next weekend and looking for a few interesting dinners. Thanks for the tip, John, I did check out the NYT article...but looking for some feedback for any members. ← I've never been at "G" but liked chef Holger Stromberg's dishes at a charity event. He is currently the German soccer team cook at the European soccer championship and he was the youngest Michelin star cook ever. I can't follow Nick Lauder's report about the "Ederer". Have been several times there and food and service were nothing like disappointing. May be chef Ederer was on tour and not present when Lauder had lunch or dinner there.
  13. Nils Henkel succeeded Dieter Müller and is now the chef in the Restaurant "Dieter Müller" at Schloss Lerbach, Bergisch Gladbach. Will now serious coulinary changes occur in one of the best restaurants in Germany. Possibly not, because Henkel is since september 1997 at Dieter Müller's and some of his coulinary creations have been already on the manual. Dieter Müller will still run his coulinary school and act as the restaurant's patron.
  14. There are three recommendable restaurants. I've been in the last one and was impressed. It's not only the meal but also the show with it. 1. Griggler Stube, Burg vital Hotel, Familie Thomas Lucian, Oberlech 568, 6764 Lech am Arlberg, Österreich ; Tel.: +43 (5583) 3140 ; E-Mail: office@burgvitalhotel.at 2. Brunnenhof, Gourmethotel , Frau Angelika Thaler , Strass 146 , 6764 Lech am Arlberg, Österreich; Tel.: +43 (5583) 2349 ; E-Mail: info@brunnenhof.com 3. Kochart, Robinson Select Alpenrose , Zürs 82 ; 6763 Zürs am Arlberg, Österreich ; Tel.: +43 (5583) 2271 ; E-Mail: alpenrosezuers@robinson.de Sunday and Monday closed. Reservation necessary.
  15. The recipe looks like the German "Hefezopf" recipe. The amout of each ingredient in your recipe seems to be nearly three times the value of a normal sized Hefezopf. I'll check out my recipe books and send you the recipe and how to prepare it. "Cimakuta" may be derived from "Sommerkuchen" but thats another one. It would be helpfull to know where the Grandmother came from to find out the basics.
  16. Great blog, great cooking, extraordinary food and you must have had a lot of fun. If I had known about your plans, I possibly have passed by.
  17. That's a very polite discription. I agree with you Not only you are confused. The word "Kalbsmilchferkel" does not exist in the German language. "Kalbsmilch" is indeed sweetbread. nothing else. Just calfs and lambs do own Sweetbread. A"Ferkel" is a suckling pig. A sucklig pig fed with calf's milk might be the explanation but "Calf's milk" is by definition impossible because a calf can't produce milk. There are no other combinations except "Kalbsmilch mit Ferkel" or "Kalbsmilch und Ferkel" but even this combinations are very unusual. In my opinion: NO, but it's ok to have a rated restaurant in Munich which serves German/Bavarian food. Schubeck's former restaurant "Kurstüberl" in Waging am See was far better.
  18. Are you familiar with the Porcini family, found in Germany. Notice the following list. Boletus Pinicola (Kiefersteinpilz) season starts in Mai Boletus Edulus (Steinpilz, Herrenpilz) Season July to September/October (best known) Boletus Estivalis(Sommersteinpilz, Eichensteinpilz) Season Mai to July sometimes in September Boletus Aereus (Schwarzhuetiger Steinpilz) Season July to October Boletus Appendiculatus (Gelber Steinpilz) Season June to October. One can say, that the season for mushrooms generally depends on wheather conditions. Sometimes in late september we'll have snow and snowrain and because of that mushroom season ends early. On the other hand there might be nice wheather in october and therefore season lasts longer, but definitely starts in Mai/July.
  19. The interview is kind of rubbish. M.Kohnke compares apples with pears. No one of the star rated restaurants will offer third food quality, if they do so, they'll disappeaer quicklier than they came up. We have had a first quality deliverer for food producst from all over the world the "Rungis express". It started when Witzigman became chef of Tantris in Munich and the new German kitchen was created. Witzigmann and some of the "wild youngsters" at that time, got together and organized food transports from Paris to Munich. Now what happened, the so called restaurant critics claimed a strong demand for regional products and producers. At the end Rungis failed. M. Kuhnke want's now to go again the other way round, and recommends higher prices what a turn around. I know Mr. Kohnke's pros and cons and what he likes and dislikes and who makes the tests and who writes about. He mentioned that's necessary to spent a whole house in food to be a good tester even that's a quotation from Mr. Siebeck-and not his own.
  20. As far as I know he got 1981 the first time 3 * and was at that time the youngest 3* chef ever. He left Tantris at 1991 not having lost the 3* in between. In Aschau he earned the 3rd* in 2000 and since then he stayed continiously at the 3* level.
  21. It mustn't be a disappointment to have porcinis in August at Winkler's because season here is from July to September. Might be different elsewhere. I always thought the major reason to visit a 3* house is the food. But that's a personal feeling. Wine prices in German restaurants are high particularly for French wines.
  22. Ok, I didn't tell the whole story. Here Quark and fromage blanc will be produced both from "Vollmilch" close to skimmed milk. In the basis version they'll contain approx. 4,5 % fat. Quark, aka "Topfen" in Bavaria, will be sold here in 8 different qualities Doppelrahmstufe: 65 bis 85 % Fat Rahmstufe: 50 % fat Vollfettstufe: 45 % fat Fettstufe: 40 % fat Dreiviertelfettstufe: 30 % fat Halbfettstufe: 20 % fat Viertelfettstufe:10 % fat Magerstufe: below 10 % fat The higher fat values are processed by adding whipping cream to the basis version.
  23. It is suitable for risotto. I've done it twice. The result was o.k. But you have to cook it much longer than the normal risotto. I've used the Venere to make a dessert like some sort of the German "Milchreis" . "Schwarzer Milchreis" a recipe by Otto Koch, served at the Unicef Gala in Munich. serves 6 75 g butter 250 g Venere rice 1/2 liter Riesling 50 g honey 1/4 liter whipping cream 3 vinyard peaches 100 g crème fraîche 2 Tsp peach liquor Let melt butter, add rice and stir. Pour 1/2 of the wine and add honey. Stir frequently and add the remaining wine from time to time like you do cooking a risotto. Let cook for 30 minutes at low heat. Pour whipping cream and let cook another 15 minutes until the rice is "al dente". Season and let cool down. Peal peaches, remove the stone and cut into small cubes. Throw peach cubes into the crème fraîche, mix and season with the liquor. Serve rice in glases and garnish with the peach compote.
  24. The authentic German Quark is not a buttermilk cheese it is the same stuff like fromage blanc.
  25. You are absolutely right. I had the pimientos de padron in June on the isle of Mallorca and end of July in Italia the friggitelli. The shape is different and also the taste. The friggitelli taste "greener" a little bit unripe and more like bellpeppers than the pimientos.
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