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Need a good BYO in the Bergenfield, Tenafly,


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I'll second America. Top notch.

For asian-sushi try Wild Ginger in Englewood (pricey but excellent) and also try Bennies in Englewood for middle eastern. Great little family owned place.

Stancato for Italian in Tenafly but I think they have a bar.

Jason Perlow

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America is very nice. I like it there. Sometimes a bit of a 'wannabe seen' crowd, but I do like it oce and a while. Although as said, they have a liqour license.

I have been to Giancarlo's in Westwood. Very good food. I had a risotto dish there that was excellent. I haven't been there in a while though.

Wild Ginger is great. I like the sushi, and really enjoy the place.


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