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  1. Hear about the early days of eGullet on the second podcast. Eating With Eric: Episode 16 Rosie, Secrets of a Table Hopper How to get a rez at a hot restaurant, when a special is worth ordering, what to expect from a good server, and more tips from NJM’s “She Who Knows All” on the 15th anniversary of her essential blog, Table Hopping With Rosie. http://njmonthly.com/category/eating-with-eric/ HERE IS THE FIRST Eating With Eric Podcast Episode 15 If You Knew Rosie! http://njmonthly.com/articles/eat-drink/episode-15-if-you-knew-rosie/
  2. Yes. SFo but do not want to eat at the airport. We will be in SF area for about 5 days and check into a hotel near the airport as we have an early flight the next morning. We usually go out for an early dinner and then return our rental car the night before.
  3. Sorry--talking about dinner. We've been to HK Flower Garden and are looking for someplace we have not been.
  4. Any cuisine or price point ok. Recommendations needed.
  5. We will have a car and are willing to drive.
  6. We will be near the airport. Any dining suggestions? All foods and price points are fine.
  7. Rosie

    Steven Shaw

    Very tragic. Condolences to Ellen and PJ.
  8. Was sorry to hear about Steven Shaw. https://www.quirky.com/we-are-all-community?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=CJ
  9. Looking for all types of restaurants in these towns. Any cuisine and price point. Thank-you. Rosie Saferstein Table Hopping With Rosie New Jersey Monthly www.njmonthly.com foodbytes@yahoo.com Member IACP, AFJ, and The James Beard Foundation
  10. Where must we eat? Type of cuisine and cost not a problem. We want to be impressed by the quality of the food and skill of the chef.
  11. Doc's is a steak house and a very good one but Craig is the corporate chef and is not cooking in the kitchen. More info here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos...urant-news.html
  12. I've always liked Copeland. Great burgers. BTW: You can now sign up for NJ Monthly’s free dining newsletter, SIDE DISH. You’ll get weekly updates on reviews, restaurant news from Table Hopping with Rosie, recipes and more. Learn more about the newsletter here: www.njmonthly.com/
  13. Rosie


    Halcyon opened in September. Info is here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos...--closings.html
  14. One of our favorite restaurants. They always have one vegetarian item which I often order. More info here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos...8/7/index2.html
  15. Rosie

    Opah Grille

    Opah's has closed. Unfortunately many restaurants are closing or will be closed by the end of December. Some that have already closed are listed here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRosie
  16. Any "must trys" in Bend Oregon? Cost and type of cuisine are not important. Can be upscale restaurants or dives. Many thanks, Rosie
  17. YES, but not since Michael W. has been there so I can't comment on the food although I liked Michael's cooking when he was at The Manor. We were there quite a few years ago when John Benjamin was the chef and had a tour of the wine cellar which was quite impressive.
  18. These restaurants were picked by the NJ Monthly restaurant critics and dining editor. They are listed in alphabetical order. One that made the list is Mantra. I've been there 3 times and have had consistently great dinners. Info here: http://njmonthly.com/articles/restaurants/...estaurants.html
  19. Marc and Adele have opened a new restaurant. More info here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos....html#read_more
  20. There is more information about Zoe's here: http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos....html#read_more
  21. Been there for lunch and had a great Asian salad made with napa, peanuts, crisp wontons, snow peas and carrots. Lowell had a mushroom barley soup that had a very flavorful broth and the burger which I will order next time we go for lunch. We were there once for dinner and had the white bean pasta soup, crisp roasted chicken, and the slow roasted pot roast. Was very pleased with all of the dishes.
  22. We had an excellent meal at Christopher's at the Heldrich Hotel.
  23. Some restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving are here: http://www.njmonthly.com/rosie/rnews.html Page will be updated on Wednesday.
  24. I was sad to learn that Craig Agans the manager of Blue Sky Cafe, Montclair passed away. Those of you who knew Craig will fondly remember the blind tastings and special events that he held at Blue Sky Cafe when it was open. Craig was a wonderful man and will be missed.
  25. Thanks to all for the suggestions. My sister decided to go with Lu Nello. I’ll try to get some feedback on how the newlyweds liked it after they’ve been there. ←
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