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  1. I wish you’d posted this 2 days ago. It was burger day here, but I never thought about this. Smash burgers will be so much easier now.
  2. Does Corderite play nicely with steam?
  3. In today’s email was an announcement of a new sealer. Vacmaster VP200
  4. Kerry, I just placed the water tank loosely in and closed the door. I don’t believe that closing the door will seat it properly. When you place it in, push it forward and you should hear a “click” as it seats. Maybe yours wasn’t sealed properly. HTH
  5. It would likely be partially absorbed by the food you are steaming. When I run it with an empty chamber it pools on the bottom of the oven. I have found water in the drip tray, but don’t remember the circumstances.
  6. Test to follow in time. You probably noticed the bottom of the oven is getting dirty. I spent 5 minutes with some Bar Keepers Friend and all is well.
  7. I reran the FB on H Steam at 210 for 39 minutes. The interior was quite steamy and the bottom of the oven was covered with water, however the tank used about the same amount of water as yesterday. Less than 1/2 tank. The drain tray has about 3 drops of water.
  8. Kerry I’ll try H steam in the morning and report back.
  9. OK times up. This is how much water is left in the tank. The FB was empty at start, but plenty of moisture after 39 minutes.
  10. Just filled the water. Started on Steam at 210. Will check at 39 minutes.
  11. Congratulations. I think you will enjoy it as much as I do.
  12. Made the King Arthur Classic Sandwich Bread today. I wanted to try my new Spiral dough hook for the Kitchenaid and it works. Did my proofing in the FB and baked on Convect after preheating on Steam. The hardest part was waiting for it to cool enough to slice. We added some French butter and one slice turned into two! This is a very tender bread and I’ll be making it again.
  13. Palo if you account for the size of the item I’d think the recipes should work.
  14. I found the F Blumlein cookbook tucked away at their site. Enjoy. Cookbook
  15. I had the nutmeg grater on the counter and completely forgot to use it.
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