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  1. I’d like to bury any tank we buy, but our good Arkansas dirt is 99% rock, with new rocks popping up every day!
  2. My choices are Electric or LP. I despise Electric stoves, so only one option. My issue with a previous LP stove (GE) was changing the orifices from NatGas to LP resulted in a wildly erratic stove. Visits from the service men & LP company never resolved the issue. I don’t want to repeat this experience, hence my original question about anyone’s experience with current stoves.
  3. Just to be sure that I understand you, your Blue Star runs on LP?
  4. We live up in the hills of Arkansas, so no natural gas for us! I'm tired of using a single induction burner, but it is superior to our Electric stove. I'd like to hear from anyone using LP as to what brand of stove you have and the benefits of said stove. Thanks in advance.
  5. Minipack MVS35X Specs here: http://www.minipack.us/mvs35x.php
  6. It depends on your uses. I've been looking at Sammic, but have switched to Minipack because I favor a larger chamber. I want to make Pastrami, so the MVS-45XP is my current favorite. More room than the Sammic SV310S, Less $$, & Stronger Busch pump.
  7. A less expensive alternate to the BBQ weight is to vacuum seal some glass cubes. I triple bagged mine and they make a very effective weight in the SVS. You can find bags of glass cubes at craft stores.
  8. Indeed and a slice on my ham sammich was good too.
  9. Thanks for this Chris. I finally made the sauce tonight and tomorrow night is Mac & Cheese night. I used Woodchuck Cider with Fontina and a smoked Gouda. There are 2 pucks in the freezer with 2 ounces for snacking. My wife licked the spoon, pan and was eyeing the bit left over for snacking. Very tasty.
  10. Chris is the 40° F curing chamber a refrigerator? If not, what is it? Thx
  11. I've preordered MCAH and after working my way midpoint thru the Cooking With thread ordered MC last night. I'd like to know if MC or MCAH include calorie counts?
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