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  1. Waterfront restaurant is open, called Persimmons. Lunch was good, haven't done dinner there yet. Fred and Claires is now 247 Craven and it is Excellent! Pia's in going Italian! Pia had health problems and her restaurant is going to be an Italian place called Bella Cucina. Don't think it's open yet. Ribeyes Steakhouse just opened on Pollock St. Have not eaten there yet. New Sushi is open on Neuse Blvd. The 21st century is coming to New Bern!! Wooeeee!!
  2. As for Naglia, I was told it had closed!!
  3. Just returned home from a few days on Figure 8 Island (N. Wilmington) and had some great meals. One was at Catch on Market Street and the other was at Circa 1922 also on Market St, but downtown. Both dinners were EXCELLENT!!
  4. Bakeries in the south is an oxymoron. There are none that I've found! Not like we're used to in NJ anyway!
  5. Really wish I had a Publix nearby. We have a dearth of Grocery stores. Only have a small Harris Teeter, several dirty Food Lions and a Piggly Wiggly! Oh for a Publix or Lowes or anything else!!!
  6. Now I haven't been to these restaurants in Morehead City, but they were reccommended to me. One is William's, they said it was near The Sanitary, and the other is Sheperd's near the train station. For the best italian I've found on the 70 E. corridor, try Taste of Italy on 70 in Morehead City.
  7. I'm heading to Cocoa Beach for a week, in about a month or so, and was wondering if anyone had any info on any good restaurants in the area. Thanks for your help.
  8. Waterfront restaurant still not open. Chef Bruce's Italian Bistro has closed and PIAS is coming soon in the same spot. Someone said it was to be a Greek restaurant. That would be nice.... now if only it was good!
  9. The BEST was my daughter's wedding at the Valley Regency! WOW what a spread and it was quality food!!
  10. Yes, Morgan's is good, but how many times can you go to the same restaurant and have the same food. They haven't changed their menu in a while and diversity is GREAT! There is a new Italian? Restorante open now on Martin Luther King Blvd. Behind Crabby Jack's. Its called Giovanna's. A bunch of us went last evening. The front of the house has a lot of kinks to work out yet and we heard the waitress yelling at the cook, don't want to call him a chef, cause I don't think a Chef would ever stand for a waitress yelling at him. The food was HO HUM, better that Paula's but if this restaurant was in a metropolitan area it would be closed in another month. The red sauce was greasy, the cheese was poor quality and so was the veal. It will warrant another visit in a month, to see if they've gotten their act together.
  11. Balthazaars on Dean Street in Englewood.
  12. A friend and I spoke to one of the "owners, investors" of the project. I also heard that the owner of Clementines was managing the restaurant at Carolina Pines. Your friend might check there. Also heard that Chef Bruce had closed. Wazzzup with that? And what's the problem with keeping restaurants in this area. A new Italian is opening on MLK Drive. Giovanna's. It's in the old Pizza Inn building, behind Crabby Jacks.
  13. I've heard that negotiations are in the works with a Beaufort, NC restaurant to occupy the space in the newly built waterfront building on South Front Street in New Bern, NC. Can't wait!! Does anyone know what ever became of Clementines?
  14. Used to love Linda's Chicken in westwood. Also used to like Kenny Rodger's Chicken in Oradell.
  15. We just had a Labor Day picnic in our neighborhood and they had it catered. The gentleman came with his huge smoker and made a pig and some sausage. His wife made the best cole slaw. When I went back for seconds and complimented her on it, she told me the recipe was from Betty Crocker. So I dug out my old BC cookbook and found this recipe for the dressing. Creamy Boiled Dressing 1/4 cup sour cream 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp. vinegar 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp. sugar 1/4 tsp. dry mustard dash of freshly ground pepper pinch of dill seed Mix ingredients in top of double boiler. Cook over hot water until mixture begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Cool. Store in covered jar in refrigerator. Makes 1/3 cup. Guess you could double the recipe if needed. This was from a Betty Crocker cooking for 2 book.
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