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The UK Menu Game (2003)

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Ok heres the deal....i pick one starter, one main course and one dessert from the menu of a mystery restaurant...all you got to do is name the restaurant.I think the price might be a good idea too, as it well help narrow the search.Maybe the winner can set the next menu?

2nds out...round one

( and its not my place, that would be stupid :wacko: )

Pressed Terrine of Ham Hock,New Potato Salad and Local Leafs (sic) £6.00

Fillet of Scotch Beef on the Bone, Bone Marrow Butter, Red wine and Shallot Sauce £17.50

Hot Bitter Chocolate Fondant, Banana Ice-Cream (baked to order) £4.50

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What a great idea :smile:

The clue, of course, is in the sic :raz:

Mainly to get myself posted out of being a new memebr, I'm gonna give this a try. Somehow the style of at least two of the courses, and the prices, and the mis-spelling, and the dessert "baked to order" reminds me of ....

St John ?

OK, who's next ? :laugh:

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Damn, I am on the wrong side of the pond to know the menu well enough from the fine establishments who show their prices in Pounds and not Dollars.

Although I would love to know how that main dish tastes!

"Expect nothing, be prepared for anything."

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Could it be The Vanilla Pod, in Marlow?

Just a guess backed by some tedious internet research... :unsure:

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Is this menu even online?  If not, it's rather difficult for people that don't live in the area to have even the slightest chance.  :blink:

No the menu is not online...wheres the fun in that? :biggrin:

I don't think this restaurant has a web site.

I thought this might be a challenge, so hes a big clue...it has a Michelin Star

Not the Vanilla Pod either

edit PS maybe i should have posted this on the UK board, other areas can start there own game?

Any mod wanted to shift this , carry on

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