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  1. For eg Cornwallathon 4 (?) would be run via twitter these days.. easy peasy egullet is kinda redundant.Surprised we not been asked to shift this too media section or whatever its called theses days
  2. The Caterer.. our trade mag have engaged with twitter and made me continue to subscribe.. even tho most of the content i will have seen via twitter days before...why ? cos i can engage with them easily.simple.And on egullet. you basically have to listen to everyones opinion,, twitter i can listen to the people i want to
  3. class of 2002.. but dropped out man.. too many rules! But seriously , moved on to twitter. works for me ..and as many have said you need to give it 2 goes before it clicks.Connects you to guests ,suppliers,chefs, the meltdown on bosi? yup watched it unfold..and put in my 2 cents.egullet was great.but moderation stifled me..twitter is free of that..self moderation is key.Met some amazing people..some from my early days here..but i feel we will always connect..whatever format works best at any time. Blogs don't really enter my world. i drop back here know and again.. but day to day twitter will do the job.
  4. yes i do like the Chough's Pasties.. also at bosfest on the sunday morning
  5. Hello.. yes still here, not selling anymore, that was a midlife crisis i think . And yes, active on twitter @Adrian_Margots
  6. The thing that i take from this thread is that like restaurants themselves, the best critic should really be titled the best critic for you.
  7. Planning on the auction being online via Twitter maybe, some prizes are on the site..check it out..more to follow
  8. Just bumping this up...5 starred chefs on board now, bucketload of rosette holders, masterchef past winers.Great British Bake off winner, John Torode is washing up.. and a venue to be announced later today..its a monster of an event people!
  9. If your not aware of the Pop Up Restaurant being planned by Matt Follas and many others, where have you been hiding? Details here clickerty find it on twitter @kaiwecare More details emerging..get involved people! Thank you. HOST'S NOTE: Click here for the terms under which this is listed on the eG Forums.
  10. Mr Over, reminds me of Airplane! Nathan will be starred..just how many? Paul, should be starred.he's bloody well earn't it IMHO
  11. It was in my signature, what happened there? anyway Margot's Bistro Padstow
  12. They run a park and ride scheme that seems to work very well. Good 2 days cooking, lots of people , lots of fun. Does Egullet really need to add the "terms" link? It wasn't an egullet event, just me posting a link to inform people.
  13. Festival Site Lots of chefs cooking including me good self, but don't let that put you off.Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainnsworth aswell..all the info you need on the link Host Note: Click here for the terms under which this event is posted.
  14. Quick heads up..Church Green reservations system is busted..they need people to call with their reservations..01925 758068 spread the word brothers ans sisters!
  15. Padstow is at its best off season if thats not an oxymoron.early spring...autumn...just lovely..summer season, yes it can be a bit of a zoo out there!
  16. I,m full for July and august evenings, so wasn't after more trade, just wondered why Padstow was grim.Jon, i see you didn't inherit your mothers good manners !
  17. Whats so grim about Padstow? Paul at Number 6 is doing some really great stuff.
  18. ...and the reposite from Mr Raynor Guardian Blog
  19. Wow, a blast from the past! Some things change, some stay the same..still charging £7 corkage.Mybe i should go to £10? lol
  20. Great to have Nathan back here on the North Coast full time.
  21. Just my 2 pence, but do you feel GR has gone so far down the road of the media/celeb/face of his restaurants, and the empire is so big that it needs him full time promoting the thing, to ever go back to a stove?
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