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  1. Apart from tempreture controll, and the passing rat having a bite out of your delivery, there is always a chance that someone will bugger off with it! I have a nice arrangment with the sandwhich shop opposite.Anything left outside each others places is taken in and looked after.
  2. is it just me, but bought in biscuits to go with cheese? I've never eaten at a 3starred place, but kinda expected then to make them in house.(and before you ask,no i don't make them myself either) or am i just mad?
  3. The problem is money, pure and simple.If you need to take more to cover escalating costs, then you can put up your prices , reduce quality, or do more people.I am doing the odd resit myself these days , but these tables are 6pm, resist at 9pm.If you don't want to eat that early or late, then fine and dandy.But if i'm fully booked otherwise, what else can i do? Hike the prices by 20%? The public seem to think that fully booked restaurants are making a bomb as it is.Here's a newsflash, some aren't!
  4. much more interesting part of the article was the mention that MPW is returning to Hells Kitchen, Hurrah!
  5. and the Swiss based International Directory one.Fill in the form to update their database, read the samll print and your agreeing to buy a guide for 700 euros and a CD for 90. I send back the prepaid envelope with little notes expressing my thoughts, or the contents of my ashtray.Wankers!
  6. Just wondering if anyone else out there is getting phone calls from companies claiming that you agreed to sponser/advertise in their guide/books for schools programme.They tend to start by thanking you for your support, and that they have raised thousands in our area.Eventually , they cut to the chase, and want payment (eg £199 + VAT).They repeat the fact that you agreed, months ago on the phone and they have a recording of it.One of them was going to get her manager to call me (never happened) and one is going to "post" me the recording. Anyway, thought it was worth a heads up. Keep Em Peeled!
  7. "In contrast, a bistro is a much smaller place, serving traditional cuisine at moderate prices, in a laid back, convivial atomosphere and the dining times are more set. They are likely to close on Sunday and Monday" Works for me !! I would add that i have always like the origin on the word Bistrot, meaning "quick" to add the element of a fairly speedy service.
  8. Are you travelling on May Day? What time do you expect to arrive?
  9. Jacket potatoes are nasty objects whoevers cooking them
  10. Erica, get down to Liddels 48p for 1.5k bag of bread flour.May not be Spelt but makes mighty fine bread
  11. I had a no show on Saturday (doesn't sound alot, but i only seat22) who called at 7pm to ask for directions (the table was booked for 8pm) Now you would think that they were going to show up, or call again if they got lost? Noooo, they just didn't turn up .Fuckers! 16? Jesus, did youtake a deposit?
  12. What does it cost you per customer to provide bread? and the average spend of your guest? For me,small bistro making bread ourselves it works out at about 10pence a guest who is spending £30.00, so really make your savings elsewhere, charging for bread makes you look cheap . Making bread in house for us is a no brainer, it's cheaper than buying it, it's better than buying it, and the guests love it.
  13. Blimey that risotto sounds as if it's worth the journey alone. Nice one. I also agree re the Good Food Guide. Odd looking Chef/ Owners in Padstow who can not be arsed sending their GFG forms back aside , it does seem as though they fucked up fairly badly this year. To be voted the best and then disappear seems more than just an oversight. Take my local tapas restaurant by way of another example. Glowing reviews nationally and locally this year as well as an award from Hardens for best Yorkshire newcomer etc and yet it fails to appear in the GFG. Go figure. ← OI! Cheeky bollocks!. I forgot once, then they stopped sending me the forms( i have to be punished you see) They started again this year, i have sent it back so we will see what happens in the autumn.
  14. ....but are restaurants open on May Day eve...? ← yes, we are and are fully booked i'm afraid.I'm not sure all restaurants are shut on May Day itself, worth calling Number 6 or Custard to see what they are doing.
  15. We don't open on May Day, never have, never will.May Day is all having a day of fun, seeing friends, and maybe the odd drink.Even if i wanted to, the logistics of opening are difficult; deliveries are a nightmare as the town is closed to traffic, staff just do not work on May Day, many people in the town have it written into their contracts. enjoy the day ! oss oss wee oss!!!!!
  16. http://www.custarddiner.com/
  17. How did the unregulated dinners go down? is this a similiar thing?
  18. I think the website should suit reflect the style of restaurant.We are a backstreet bistro, very personally run, so a blog suits our needs.Since switching to a blog format, i have several complimentary comments from guests.It's easy to keep current, which i think it probably the most important aspect of Restaurant Websites.
  19. What date is it?Could do with a jolly up north.
  20. I would think that the recent attacks by the ALF at The Midsummer House would have influenced the Mancester place more than emails?. When any organisation resorts to going outside the law, then they have lost the argument.The change is based on fear, not on educating or changing peoples actual opinions.I'm not here to defend foie gras production, or consumption, but i do believe that someone should be able to stand up and say that the ALF are tossers for the actions they choose to use to influence change.
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