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  1. Just back from giving 2 classes on Salads at Padstow School.Great fun, very interested kids.I told them that the World Biggest Salad was nearly 70000 kilos in weight and was made in a container 18m x 5m. First hand goes up, "How big was the spoon?"
  2. The Maj Bros are more impressed.Maj Bros
  3. Congrats to Nathan and Mat.Good work fellas!
  4. Can you feel the tension rising? Whats the chances of the Michelin site crashing at noon because of overload?
  5. I have about 25 at a time to cook with for about 1 hour.In previous years we have done breadmaking and fruit.I think i will do bread again with the reception class as they haven't done it , but the rest of them..hmmm No pressure, i have to see the Head Master tomorrow
  6. Very timely, i'm cooking at our local school next week as part of Healthy Eating Week.(Ages 5-10) I want to get them hands on with food, any ideas what to do with them?
  7. What happens if this debate actually changes the situation, and "cheap shit chicken "is banished to history, what next? I get the feeling that some people will only rest when the general populus conforms to the liberal, middle class lifestyle/aspiration.
  8. Jamie's crusade on School Dinners made much bigger headlines, had Goverment approval , schools changing their menus and where are we now? Less children than ever taken the food.This Chicken out will be in the same place in 6mths.It's worth trying to educate the population, but really, do think things will change in the long run?
  9. Of course it matters, of course Michelin will be wrong in some peoples eyes, spot on in others.If they give you a star they are right, if they don't, they are idiots.It's just human nature.It's also a hell of alot of fun in the cold winter month of January.I make no predictions, just watch from the sidelines as it all get discussed at length.
  10. This is on my blog edit to add I got some software in May for running my diary/bookings.It sends Text reminders to guests, really pleased with it.Has reduced no shows to nearly zero.Highly reccomended. Kernowsoftware
  11. Margot’s New Years Eve 2007 Cordorniu Brut Rose Focaccia Bread, Kalamata Olives and Salted Almonds Salmon and Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes with Aioli and Cucumber Salad Picpoul de Pinet 2006 Mushroom, Bacon and Spinach Risotto with Herb Oil and Parmesan Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2005 Loin Of Cornish Lamb with Broccoli, Roast New Potatoes and Rosemary Jus Vina Albina Reserva Rioja 2001 Chocolate Mousse with Caramelised Banana Elysium Black Muscat 2005 Cornish Cheeses with Plum Chutney Krohn Late Bottle Port 2000 Coffee with Petit Fours Champagne at Midnight £75.00 Any other chefs care to post thier NYE menus on their threads? Love to see what others are doing on this crazy night
  12. There's a lot of it about, 1/2 my bookings for tonight have cancelled today( I was full)
  13. ...and another thing, some owners employ Head chefs that are better than they are.Chefs who turn into owners, maybe having multiply sites/outlets become managers involved in the bigger picture than the day to day grind of prepping, cooking, service etc. So replying to the original question, it all depends on the restaurant.
  14. Who is doing the prep so that the chimps are ready for service? Silver backed gorillas????
  15. Good timing for this topic (for me) Next year im gettng a 2nd Chef which will allow me to open an extra day/s.He will cover me probably one night a week, and i,m trying to find the best way of informing our regulars of this situation.I haven't missed a service in over 3 years(luckily i had a 2nd chef then,who coped)
  16. Basildog

    Stupid Chef Tricks

    James Martin (C list Celeb UK Chef) said on a show the other day that he never makes lamb stock as it's too fatty.So you can't skim, or drain fat from bones then dude?
  17. Crimp down the side NOT the top, for traditional pasty.I,m 100yds from The Chough as i type
  18. I would be looking to invite a group of local people,maybe all the buiness in the street or teachers from a local school, or something like that.Give that a cracking good night at a give away price and let the word of mouth spread from that.Or a charity night for a local cause.
  19. I rather like that! Has this place opened yet? What sort of opening did you have?
  20. I saw him going on about how the jungle had made him realise what the most important thing in the whole world was to him.... a) his friends? b) the love of a good woman? c) his children? No, it was HIS COOKING !
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