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  1. Today we had some hand dived Scottish scallops ( I know it's a long way from here, but they were offered, OK ) They worked out at £1.25 each, but one was just a smidge under 4oz. ← hows Buisness at the moment Simon? Was VD day good for you?
  2. Today we had some hand dived Scottish scallops ( I know it's a long way from here, but they were offered, OK ) They worked out at £1.25 each, but one was just a smidge under 4oz.
  3. She asked me on Monday if i would like to have a go!
  4. It is a big hit with the under 5s, Becky loves it, picking a contestant at the begining to win.
  5. Rick Stein went to college..Guardian Feb 5th
  6. One advantage of not going down the hearts and flowers road is that "normal" people eat with you on the 14th.I have 2 tables of 4 booked, one being a birthday who comes every year knowing that he can escape the "forced romantic atmosphere"
  7. We will be doing our normal menu,normal price as we always do on VD night as i like to call it.Rose for each lady as she leaves, thats it.
  8. Sorry, that's my fault, just using it as an example of a restaurant opening and evolving.Moving on...
  9. Thanks for the potted history naebody.So even an exceptional resturant takes time to become recognised as exceptional. Antony's in Leeds is another place to remember.No star, but plenty of good press, interest on the net, and i'm sure a succesfull buisness.
  10. We really should get this back on topic, and helping simon with his place. But, i have a healthy mix of regulars, locals, tourists, 2nd Homers, and people doing the "Stein" thing.Oldest regular guest 97, youngest 3 days old (OK that was my son ) Cooked for a few EG and other forums members as groups which is fun.Was it the Hard Rocks motto, feed all, serve all? anyway...back to helpfull advice for Simon
  11. No idea if it helped the buiseness at all (minimal if anything) but i did it for FUN! I had a nice group of Canadian ladies who tuned in regularly.For a while , i used yahoo with sound, so they could ask questions about what i was doing.Interactive webcam/kitchen / customer interface type thing...it's the future HAHAHA
  12. The camera bit the dust a long time ago May add it to the new site, who knows.
  13. Fun is why i do what i do. On one hand your saying that people are all the same, then you say you must know your market. confused
  14. I would argue " treat everyone like your best customer", then you get no complaints.
  15. I believe a critic can speed up the process for a restaurant going up or down, but ultimately, resturants survive on their own merits.A good restaurant who makes it's guests happy will not be killed by a critic's review or guide book entry. We are all critics here ,in a way, but i don't think if we all got behind a particular place ,gave it rave reviews on the internet, raised it's profile, we could make it a sucess.Sure , it would increase the amount of bums on seats for a while, but if it doesn't deliver , then it's all hot air.Same is true in reverse.
  16. I'm not sure i understand your post Stovetop.Are you saying the critics have the power to break a restaurant?
  17. When Pizza Express opens a new joint, the public know what it does, and the price point, it has a brand image.We are talking about creating something from scratch. Out of interest, how long did , for example , The Fat Duck take to establish itself as a destination restaurant.Was it pitched at the same price area that it is now? Was the menu the same?
  18. The thing is do you open your doors at the price you need to charge to make the margins, but it puts people off from trying you out, or do you start by making less money,even just breaking even, and get people in to try your stuff.I suspect that once you get the people in for that crucial first visit, you can impress them, and then you have them for ever.I think the later is the way to go.70% GP of bugger all is bugger all. The punters here on EG are all mentioning price, not your track record for producing the goods, and to be honest, that's what people in the real world will think.I don't think it's in question your ability to cook like a bastard, but the pricing is a barrier for people.Don't give people any excuse not to come. My personal opinion for restaurants is to undersell and over deliver. PS, Most people here on EG are offering advice that is honest, if harsh.God knows i've heard enough opinions about my place, but 90% of it comes from people that atually want to help.It's just it's very easy to be brutally honest when not face to face.(an advantage in this type of situation) Best of luck Adrian
  19. Oh i do like to be beside the seaside..... 50p each(day boat, not hand dived by virgins) Good size tho' 4 to a portion, capers, halzenut dressing £6.95 bosh and indeed bosh
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