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  1. I want bread baked in house, daily.That is all.No need for 17 different types, just a good bread made everyday by someone out the back there.A basket left on the table, refilled if necessary.Room temp butter.Thanks
  2. I have still got my Oak Room menu and would not give it away for love or money. It is printed on the heaviest hand-made paper my hands have ever touched and contains all those wonderful dishes. Yes, the pigs trotter has the name Koffman next to it. But the best thing is the Dali quote on the first page: "At the age of six I wanted to be a chef. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambitions have been growing steadily ever since." What I remember most about the Oak Room is not so much Marco's food though, I have to say. It is the unbelievably luxurious atmosphere and service. This was a haven of luxury without any compromise. The only comparison that comes to my mind is Ducasse's Louis XV in Monte Carlo. ← Agree, fantastic service, we were relatively young when we visited and I remember being looked after very well. Beautiful flowers as well, I seem to remember they cost something like £5000 a week? ← I have a vague recollection of the fact that the floor for the Oak Room cost more than i paid for a whole restaurant.Still loving the show.
  3. I don't know for sure, it's difficult to find a average Joe, especially here.But if you look at some of the celebs, they have been picked because of the people they will draw into the show.If you appeal to the foodies by having the biggest name possible, then the show has the best chance of pulling the figures it needs.Would there be any other chef you would prefer to see on the show?
  4. I don't see the risk...average Joe watches for the celebs and the drama, other people with an idea of MPW's place in the story of British cooking watch to see the chef.Win Win
  5. My personal fave was his discription of frying an egg ,"you poach it in butter", it had me cheering, as my good lady wife and i have been argueing about this for fecking years.She still won't take it, even from MPW, but i have a moral victory.
  6. Just loved it.Seeing MPW in a kitchen is enough for me.
  7. Excellent lunch today to celebrate slacker's 40th Birthday.Details to follow
  8. and another thing, the guy that held a birthday party (his) and made a big deal of picking up the bill for everyone.His friends were very thankfull to him, but mentioned the idea of themselves leaving a tip."NO NO, it's fine, i've sorted that out, haven't i Adrian?" "Yes Sir" was all i could say, counting the £5 tip on a £450 bill.
  9. The guest who asks,"The sign that says your fully booked, does that mean your really fully booked?"
  10. Strange..just been reading this at the end of the working day when a guy walks in off the street asking to buy a couple bottles of wine.For legal reason may i just say that i had to refuse him, as i am not licensed for off sales BUT i could have charged him £11 a bottle for some Spy Valley SB that is on the wine list at £19.75. and he might have thought that fair, if he had bought them, which he didn't of course.
  11. Right on! Most sensible thing i've read all day I,m currently swanning around in a £600 Polo!
  12. Here's some stuff from back in the day click
  13. 2 in the kitchen, both smokers.Just had a law change here (UK) banning smoking in the workplace and any enclosed public space.Wish i could quit, too weak willed.
  14. Shame it didn't work out for Simon,my best wishes to him for the future. I have just re read the thread, and honestly can't see where the "spitefull comments" were.Honest and brutal yes, but it's a very brutal and honest buisness we're in.
  15. I was shut for 3 days this week, an extra day as Paul Weller was playing at Plymouth, and some things are more important that Bistros
  16. Tresham Tech College 84-86 full time catering course 86-96 Cheffing at hotels, golf clubs, restaurants, gentlemans club, pubs etc etc etc 96 Chef at Margot's, 99 bought it. I first put on a chefs Jacket 23 years ago come September, and i still mop the floor last thing at night! Nice to see D and J back again. Edit..My kids are Cornish, i'm Welsh.
  17. Bapi, i think you sat opposite me, so your memory is completley wrong on this matter.
  18. We have "Salt and pepper squid" on the menu at the moment, yet still saw someone blindly putting salt and pepper on it before he took his first bite.What can you do?
  19. "Jamie in 6 months"? i would be looking for someone with a little more ambition! The only thing that NVQs show is that you were prepared to stick a course for it's duration(not a bad thing), but if someone older approached me, it would be a matter of come for a day, if you like it, come for a week.Most kitchens are pretty open to new boys if they have the right attitude.The ones that close the door on you, without even letting you try it for a day, are probaly not the sort of kitchens you would want to work in. best of luck. PS Peeling spuds whilst watching the rest of the kitchen work will teach you a lot!
  20. If you need your guests to have a minimum spend, put it on your menu.Otherwise, sorry, you have nothing to moan about.
  21. Are you glad you did it? PS Warmest congrats on the baby!!!!!
  22. Nice piece on Simon in this week's Caterer's Menuwatch page.Will link it when it appears on the site.Funny thing is , turn the page and you get advice in the"INFO ZONE" on how to get the media to review your restaurant.
  23. Drop in anytime,more than welcome.I don't know why, but i thought you were American.Ireland is soo much nearer
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