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  1. How about i knock up a quick design for a new building. get some builder to build it without regard for the rules of your game.How would you feel?
  2. But you are charging for these meals? So it's not like private dining.I wish you luck with any career change you make.
  3. " I won't be paying taxes and won't be working under any Health Department's warranty to my clients." will you put that on your menu?
  4. Reviews of Ruby Tates. Interesting reading the last one (Chris August 06) "Ramsay trained chefs????
  5. We had the option to add on line reservations to our website when we got new software for our reservations (see no shows thread), but decided against it.I much prefer to ba able to talk to our guests on the phone, or reply to emails individually.
  6. Basildog

    no shows

    Only 5 years later, but i solved our no show problem with software from here http://www.kernow-software.co.uk/ text reminders to guests have reduced no shows alot.I think they are still offering a free trial, give it a go!
  7. Is it that waiters are depressed by the job, or the job attracts depressive types?
  8. The mention of Simon on another thread made me go back to the Alexanders website.They are advertising dinners for September,the rest of the content is still pretty poor.Also can't find any mention of who the current chef is, the key personel section is disabled.
  9. When you reach the point when you don't have to advertise, and if you are not included in a National guide, you don't lose any sleep over it
  10. 22 cover bistro 1 Chef 1 KP 1 Waiter so thats 1 staff to 7 guests
  11. " to die for" NO! it's food, not my family
  12. How strange, i got a call this afternoon from the M guide people chasing up my form
  13. He's been open all year and has a deli opposite now.
  14. WHAT? The guy may not be "TV personality", but he's taken the Z list celebs and worked with them, motivated them, charmed them.He looks like he's enjoyed the expereince, and his masterclasses have been great.What do you want from him,a shouty sweary ogre? A song and dance number to close the show? PS Your wrong about England Rugby too.They are not embarrassing, they are funny.But then i'm Welsh
  15. We had a situation a few weeks ago when all my tables turned up within 20mins( they are normally staggered over 2 hours).We seat 22, have one chef, one kitchen helper and one waiter.My solution was to go into the restaurant and give a speech about how we had obvioulsy made mistakes with our bookings,some of you have turned up at the wrong time etc etc and that service would be a little slower than normal.Asked if anyone had a plane to catch? Guests responded so well, totally understanding.We then had the most crazy service, but the food was good, and the tips even better.My advice is to be upfront with your guests, if they know whats going on , they are more likely to be cool.
  16. Number 12 in the GFG 2008 hit parade, and Newcomer of the Year! Nice work fella CLICK
  17. Hi Judy. The GFG have not been in contact so i have no idea how to get back in, and to be honest, i don't think i want to.We get the very occassional GFG reader who calls to see that we are still here, and not closed down.Guides have never been a big feature of our lives(yes i do like to read to hear nice things about myself in print), but maybe as i'm getting older i don't need the worry.I do what i do, people will comment either online or in print, or for that matter in the Post Office queue.It's not the reason i get up in the morning. Glad you Father had a good time
  18. No matter erica, i'm not gutted.Life goes on with or without the GFG.Must get back to the kitchen, we're fully booked tonight
  19. 2008? have i slept in again?
  20. Things i buy... 1) Cheese Biscuits 2) Dried Pasta as a standby for kids 3) Smoked Duck (does this count?) 4) Mayonaise (well actually i steal it from the sandwhich shop opposite)Don't use that much and he's got loads! Food Safety dictates this 5) I'm sure there's more. As long as a restaurant is honest about it's practices, then i have no problem with them buying in the whole menu.I won't be eating there.But fundementally, i want to eat dishes made in house,and that includes bread , petit fours and icecream.
  21. I'll take a wild stab in the dark and guess we are not in it? Forgot to post my form back 2 years ago, so i'm out PS do tell about Nathan!
  22. To me ,bread is fundamental to restaurants.It says everything about what your all about.If you buy in your bread, then why not the petit fours?, or the odd dessert? or some stock.Bread making is easy.I make 12 loaves a day, and i'm basically a one man band! If i can do it, anybody can.
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