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  1. "You're not from around these parts are you." I,m sorry,but that line has cracked me up,i see Jay playing a banjo. Now back on topic, before i get banned
  2. Getting back on topic, any progress re the website Simon? How have the owners reacted to this thread? If your reading this , HELLO!. and as we are here to help, your associate page has plenty of web designers, one coffee supplier and one wine merchant.What about real food suppliers like butchers etc.Just a thought.
  3. Number 6 in Middle street and Ripley's in St Merryn.
  4. forgot to add they take £400 a year for the pleasure.Only one member in Padstow,(no, not me ) so bang on the money for a guide.
  5. That's not really the kind of reviewing we were talking about. Having said that, there is an "organisation" down here who will inspect you to see if your good enough to join them, but they demand their inspection meal to be free.Bandits if you ask me.
  6. Only 3 scallops? you tight bastard!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. This is an open forum, anyone can read this stuff, anywhere in the world.How can it be off the record?
  8. I,m sure different sytems for different places is what it is all about.We are a 22 cover Bistro with only about 10 wines served by the glass, and only one server.
  9. Does that happen alot? Bigger tables having wines by the glass.
  10. We pour wine by the glass at the table, same with carafes.Let people taste.It takes 2 mins, but worth the effort. Another reason, less important, but we are a very small bistro, and i'm not keen on serving staff walking around with full glasses, accident waiting to happen.
  11. 250 miles for me.How long you had that picture Marlene?
  12. can i have a tasting menu? ← Have you been reading my new site Marshall? Jeeze Tonight 5 Course Tasting Menu Homemade Herb Bread Cornish Butter and Marinated Olives Mussels with Ginger and Coriander Mushroom and Chorizo Risotto Stir Fried Squid Cornish Lamb Any Dessert Tea /Coffee with Fudge and Caramelised Walnuts £30.95
  13. Well we do requests.Tell us what you want, and if we can get it/do it no problem.
  14. I know you worry, so i just thought i would let you know that after a couple of quiet weeks, bookings are rolling in, and we are back to "normal" Pip Pip
  15. Yes, we are in the world of ambitious chefs, critics, and the internet food forum.It's a heady mix and on the subjext of websites, opening hours on the first page please( you know who you are! or maybe you don't, so why not check anyway?)
  16. ELDERstatesman? Thanks Sleeping on it sounds like the best advice. You know the review i'm really scared of? Our local rag, the writers know feck all about food, less about writing about it.Same discriptions of dishes "beautifully presented" blah blah blah .God forbid they ever darken my door
  17. "mordant".. i had to look that up! EG improves your vocab. Simon will be hurting now, he asked for a review, got one, and it's not want he wanted to hear.Before you "defend" yourself, take a big deep breath.Your in the early days at Alexanders, there is time to take on board what has been written, change things,look at the restaurant as an outsider.You and your team can cook, that was said by Jay.Best of luck for the future.
  18. Be carefull what you wish for...sorry, but someone had to say it
  19. It may be usefull for your restaurant to reach 1000s more potential guests who read the national reviews.You can read about how positive reviews have increased turnover in several threads here.Plus 99% of chefs are insecure, so validation is always welcome
  20. ...or Fay has been reading your stuff for inspiration?
  21. Play with the kids.Sometimes i play with the wife
  22. I stopped playing music about 18 months ago, after reading lots of people's opinions about it.Nobody complains that there was no music in a restaurant, only about the music that is played .also, major factor was the license for playing music went up alot
  23. I admit exactly that in a forthcoming review of yet another place mentioned here. Mind you the crowd here does get aroud a bit so there is going to be some crossover from time to time. ← Jay, when is that one due to be published?
  24. mustn't grumble, been full all week, and just been hammered for lunch, all them scallops have gone!Now getting creative with the menu..
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