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  1. I was so shocked by this news I said an involuntary ''what the fuck' out loud to an empty room twice. There was nothing I'd seen from his social media or from press reports that indicated he was anything other than head over heels in love with Asia Argento and happy, but that I suppose just says how little social media and the press can really tell you about a person. I did wonder if it was an accidental death, but then I read this report https://people.com/food/asia-argento-cryptic-message-before-anthony-bourdain-suicide/ So sad. Here's a link to all of Anthony's posts on egullet
  2. (I haven't posted here in a while so I hope that starting a new topic about my own work will be acceptable but I really think the book will be of interest to eGullet.org members). I spent part of 2014 travelling the UK talking to chefs and eating in their restaurants. I feel strongly that now is the most exciting time in British cuisine since the modern British movement of the late 80's and I wanted to document the moment somehow. The result is Kingdom of Cooks, an eBook of extended, in depth interviews with some of Britain's most talented and interesting cooks including Mary-Ellen McTague (
  3. Surely it has to be a Flaming Orange Gully? egullet's very own cocktail created by the legendary Dale DeGroff http://web.archive.org/web/20030204031522/http://egullet.com/?pg=ARTICLE-flaminggully This was even served to UK members at a special event at London's Player Club.
  4. Andy Lynes

    Steven Shaw

    The last time I saw Steven was on a sunny and very hot day in Manhattan in June 2003. He was giving me instructions about which buses to catch to get across town. Before he left me to get back to his apartment on the Upper East Side, he said 'You owe it to yourself and to us to write more'. Less than a year later I'd quit my job and started my career as a freelance food and drink writer. I first 'met' Steven back in 2001 when he and Jason Perlow, under the guise of Andre Broujon (I never did discover why they used that alias, or if in fact Andre was a real person) invited me via email to bec
  5. I don't think its unreasonable to expect to be able to buy a half bottle of wine for under £20 (plus service) anywhere, even in the sodding Connaught. Regarding her judgement, Moir remains in my opinion as one of the best restaurants critics in the country. I now enjoy her writing a lot more since I've learnt to accept that I'll probably never come up with a line quite as elegant as "The accompaniments crowd the plate like a squabbling gang of ferals" which she seems to do with alarming regularity.
  6. If you can forgive the blatant self promotion, the profile I wrote of Jordi Artal for British trade publication Caterer and Hotelkeeper is now online click.
  7. So will the "new" (old) Racine be in new premises or is it going to rise like a Pheonix from the ashes of the old at the same address?
  8. "The existing contract with Gordon Ramsay Holdings expires on September 19 and a new contract with Marcus Wareing will then commence" Caterersearch
  9. The degree of vitriol, coupled with the fact that he dubbed Alan Yau's last effort Sake No Hana "an insult to the city" and gave Yauatcha 5 out of 10 makes me wonder if Coren and Yau have had some sort of falling out.
  10. My son and I arrived at 5.30pm on Saturday and were seated immeadiately in a room that was around half full. Its a great room, like Wagamama with a very stylish facelift. We ordered four main dishes plates and one side and would have ordered more but were advised against it by our waitress. Crispy duck lo mein was probably the best balanced dish in terms of other-ingredients-to-noodle-ratio; Seafood Ho Fun was excellent value and included 2 or three whole scallops, some prawns and pieces of squid (although I only got to taste one scallop as my son cherry picked all the other seafood before
  11. This sort of service always puts me in mind of Harry Enfield's Association Football sketch (fast forward to 2 minutes 4 seconds): click
  12. If I'd paid £440 for a meal that included a main course like that, I wouldn't be L.O f***ing L that's for sure. Three Michelin stars? More like staff canteen.
  13. Can you tell us what they are?
  14. Considering going to Cha Cha Moon on Saturday post Spamalot. I've just checked and they have re-opened following their fire and everything is still £3.50. Has anyone been recently - any good?
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