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  1. Thanks for the support. Got a good feedback from the boys yesterday. Except some boys told the pulao is sweet , generally in southern part of India, people don't have idea about sweet pulao. All the biryani and pulao they except to be little spicy.
  2. Oh, thanks. So this is called lava cake then. I thought it's not baked properly. I heard about this recipe through a bakery chef , I was unable to contact him now. Earlier I did muffins , so for variety tried this lava cake.
  3. Today's our Sunday dinner feast menu for youth. Thandi sharbat Patatha Thai yellow veg curry Kashmiri pulao Raitha Moong dal halwa Palak pakora and tomato chutney Please bless me that all of the youth like the feast. Don't have good photography skills nor a good camera. Pic from my phone attached.
  4. Hi, I am not at good at baking, however will do some simple baking items to introduce variety in our youth feast menus. I am trying the lava cake. Here is my recipe. 1 kg lava mix 400 gm water 500 gm oil (sunflower oil) 1 muffin cup holds 60 grams. After baking for 8 to 10 min also, the middle portion remains wet or a kind of liquid stuff. Where is the wrong in this recipe? Should I bake for more time? Forgot to capture the photos. Will post next time. Please suggest.
  5. We are trying to acquire the above kind of cooking wok for our bulk cooking requirements where large quantities of broths being made or curries or sauces. There is a planetary rotation shaft which mixes the food at a tunable rpm. And there are gas burners at the bottom of the wok. The vendors often asks what kind of viscosity the food has and what type of foods being made? How this viscosity related to this cooking wok equipment? Is this factor a critical one while considering this kind of wok?
  6. The picture of left over curry at my location which remained after all the transportation being done. Here I could see absolutely there is no trace of fat on top. So to appease customers I am planning to try the below: 1) use less fat being compromising with taste. 2) prepare the gravy early and see any excessive fat appears on the top and skim it off. 3) our cooks add good amount of fat ghee/ butter also at the end of curry. One chef told that adding this type of cold fat makes it to float. So I have told our cooks not to add at the end but in the middle of gravy making, so that it will not surface up. I thank you all for your valuable replies.
  7. Thank you Smithy, for your swift response. The public feeding kitchen provides typical south indian and north indian cuisine meals at a discounted price for certain areas, for certain selected institutions and also for certain charity causes. We also provides food to some get together functions and meetings of some selected apartments in the city. The food is fully vegetaian and even without onion and garlic. There are some common problems I am facing in cooking, packing and transportation of the food. The queations, I will post in the relevant groups and seek guidance from the members. Thank you for all your support.
  8. Hi All, We regularly do lot of indian gravy curries. We do transport food to different customer locations such as youth hostels and apartments. The problem we are facing is due to the transport fluctuations the fat which has been used while making curry is being floated on top of curry. And people scared to see such oil/ butter/ clarified butter. They are complaining that we are using excess oil which may spoil their health. Could any one suggest solution to my problem. This problem has to be addressed at the earliest as told by my management. Please suggest me how to upload pictures. I am unable to upload and the error appearing as "previous operation can't be complaint because of low memory". Thank you.
  9. Hi All, I am vedvyas , in-charge of a public feeding kitchen in India, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Kindly requesting guidance from the experienced chefs and experts here. I feel glad to associate with the forums here and saw many wonderful threads going on. Thank you all. Sincerely, Vedvyas
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