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  1. Dude. What is that? You cook like a Klingon man. That's fucked up.
  2. I agree with Tommy...mark this day down. Macrosan, it's gonna be ok. Cheer up. The day I'm considered anything more than a crank will be the day you know the end has come. Fat Guy, knowing this, is just egging on an interesting interplay that for sure would yield some good one liners. If you're interested in seeing how far Fat Guy is willing to go towards ACTUALLY cementing his place in the pantheon of anger driven purple prose may I direct you to the Fight Club thread--a beautiful display of powertripping filth if there ever was one. Mr. Lynes I will defer to your authority here and respect that you will not tolerate the abuses of my keyboard any furthur. Unless someone calls my dear departed mother a c*** I'm signing off on this thread. Thanks. That was a pucker edit...Thank you sir...
  3. You don't know how glad I am to hear that. I will be holding you to your promise. Not worth my time. Indeed, time much better spent harping on endlessly in your invented language about your Bourdainesque existence. The weather's lovely here...how's the weather there in England? Is it raining. It rained a lot last week but today were all good. Have a good one Lord.
  4. You don't know how glad I am to hear that. I will be holding you to your promise. Not worth my time.
  5. Hey pal, just like you THINK your posts matter I KNOW mine do--that's not necessarily a point in my favor since the overwhelming sentiment I receive VIA PM is negative but there are some troubled folks out there that can identify with the realities of which I speak. I'm not going to sit here and get embroiled in a pissing contest with you though, however savory and satisfying the prospect may be. If I've made you itch, squirm in that uncomfortable chair that you occupy so readily, then I think my work here is a fait au complet. Over and out there fruitcake. Captain Romaine.
  6. I find it rather interesting that you stay away from eGullet for weeks, or days as the case may be--I'm not rabidly hunting down your posts like you with me so I wouldn't know, then you focus in on my depravities like some policing element and overlook the rest of the worthwhile and intellectually stimulating entries contained herein. LML, there's a whole thread here of fine points, good arguements and troubling statistics. Why don't you hone your tremendous yearning for superiority in on the posters who give a fuck. Because I sir, only feed off your petty and selective desire to make me feel small.
  7. Back in the day I used to test for drugs myself...if you weren't doing em you'd be relegated to the dish hole. Kind of like the Guns and Roses urban legend, who ever wasn't smackin' went packin'.
  8. There's a not so cozy little meat market on the Corner of St. Charles and Carrollton in the Big Easy that boasts the largest beer selection in the world (at least they did when I was there a couple years ago). I got about three quarters through that. That's gotta count from something. Does anyone remember the name?
  9. The title of this thread should be "The Vindication of Rachael Ray."
  10. Not necessarily...I've got the best relationship ever with my kids. My ex? Fuck her.
  11. You've got kids? Holy shit, dude, that's the scariest thing I've ever read on the Internet. Got a pic of me with them...for the right price...believe or not, I'm the best dad around....
  12. Well, to be honest, I was in rock star mode and my wife was in we just had two kids back to back and I need a break mode. I was never around to help, so one thing lead to the other.
  13. I love being trumped by a pastry chef...doesn't happen all that often!
  14. Are you going to be objective when he fires one of those 2003 gimmicks down your throat?
  15. What/who do you love more? I'm not trying to be flip. Really, getting into the restaurant biz, at least full time, is like being married, except you're tethered to something that tends to put undue stress on even the best marriages. I know first hand. I divorced my wife/girlfriend of 8 years after realizing that I couldn't do anything else with my life. I had to keep cooking for many other reasons but when you're wife isn't in the biz it's hard to keep it together. Mine was a nurse. Maybe you could do some part time stuff and see if you can swing a marriage too.....
  16. That's what I'm talking about. Beautiful stuff....gives me new inspiration. Thanks Ryne.
  17. I don't think quality has anything to do with it. It's possible to hold a title and be flat out bad at the profession. IMO Keller is a better chef, but I don't think Flay is a bad chef by any stretch, however. -Eric Exactly...I may scoff at blue corn crusted lobster with ancho-lime blah blah blah, but I bet it's tasty. Flay's a chef, Keller's a chef. They both attempt to put forth their best effort to create "quality" food and they manage brigades, though in Flay's instance they may be called "kitchen bitches." That makes them chefs, end of story. The creator of the McDonald's salad shaker...not chef.
  18. Hey Electrolux, even I lump Keller and Flay together. Come on bro. They're both quality chefs. Maybe Keller could cook Flay into ash but that's a question of metier...Compare Keller to, oh I don't know, Keith Famie and I'll sit on your jury bench with a load of tnt.
  19. Totally deserved Lesley. You know some times when you spit nails innocents get caught in the crossfire. If Elyse is giving me shit eyes I know I've "gone there." So like a man, I'll apologize for sending a spike your way. I'm not much mature than that post but I will retract its tone, admit it was slightly self absorbed and try to get my point across using my corporate phone call voice... While the inquiry was well-intentioned, some less than austere food service professionals (like myself) may find humor in the notion that you can use a bottle of Aveda product to satisfy a palate. But this is only the opinion of one loose cannon, and is not indicative of the majority views of eGulleteers, obviously. Best Regards, Spencer McMillin Executive Chef of America
  20. Congrats Jeniac...You got a seating with the Pope of your future. Remember the enthusiasm...let it shine girl. Go get em.
  21. The teleological essence of some threads necessitate disintegration. Trust me, someone's gonna find some new wishbone of an angle and try to pry the thing back to life.
  22. Yet another thread that has disintegrated before our eyes...
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