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Flame tamer - where do I get a good one and what is a good one?

Sid Post

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I have a bad cheap cooktop that doesn't heat evenly which is a secondary thought because I do have cast iron and heavy stainless pans to use.  My real quest is to find a "flame tamer" or whatever you want to call it for use on a camping stove that is a bit of a blow torch.  I'm not looking to cook gourmet meals but, I also don't want a have scorch marks and raw ingredients either.


I think I want an aluminum disc a ~1/4" thick but, I am receptive to other materials as well.  The smallest I need is a 5" diameter and the biggest is 7".




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What @gfweb posted is my favorite.


But I confess to entering a bit of a frenzy during a period in my life where I was enthralled with clay pots.  I purchased these two during said frenzy:  


The Simmer Mat:



And the Ilsa:






I never was able to experience any advantage to such heavy fancy gear.  


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30 minutes ago, AlaMoi said:

I bought


bazillions of years ago.


solid copper plates - outrageously expensive back then, less expensive now.

cannot wear out - your greatgrandchildren will be using them....

yep  got them and they are awesome,  i have three sizes , and they great for warming tortillas..too

Its good to have Morels

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I just use a pan under the pan. 


For a very small saucepan, my 6" cast iron skillet works perfectly. For a medium saucepan, I use a 10" frying pan underneath. Either an iron skillet or all-clad. If you really need to keep things mellow put some water in the outer pan.

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Notes from the underbelly

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