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Frog Commissary Carrot Cake


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I tried this tonight.  Tor the praline cream, the recipe calls for mixing sugar, flour and salt in a pan, adding cream and butter, heating to simmer and simmering for 20 minutes.  I checked a couple versions of the recipe online and they’re all the same. When I tried it, the butter didn’t incorporate with the dry ingredients/flour.  I ended up with a sugar mixture and a pool of melted butter on top.  Anyone know what I did wrong?


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Hello. The FC Carrot Cake is to.die.for.


Someone who can't do eggs would like me to make it for them. I'm not sure best how to go about doing that..... 


I know eggs can act as binding, leavening and - in certain recipes - BOTH.


How would I tell how they're being used in the FC Carrot Cake recipe?


And what would be the best replacement to use? The recipe calls for 4 eggs in the cake batter.


Thank you!!


I made my first ever carrot cake (the FC one) a year ago yesterday!




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