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  1. I I do understand the basic, though that doesn't mean I can sharpen my knives with a razor's edge. At best, I'd consider myself average with these basics.
  2. Because it's the only boning knife I have. The rest are standard chef & slicing knives.
  3. OK, I think I get the idea.
  4. Oh, I didn't know it's called "recurved". I searched for "how to sharpen boning knife", but those were not of the S-shaped knife edge type.
  5. Oh, so instead of the one smooth motion from point to bolster, I need to basically do it in "sectors" to keep contact points?
  6. 😪😪😪skill level is definitely lacking here... I realise that I may have been using less pressure than needed. After the recent post, I went back to try again, but with slightly firmer pressure and indeed the result was better than previous attempts. Another that has me stumped is how does one manage a boning knife that has a slight S-shaped edge from tip to bolster? Tried Googling and YouTube, but I can't find anything on it.
  7. 😄😄😄OK, that's vindication enough for a 1520.
  8. For those who has the Chef's Choice 1520, how does it compare to an average sharpening on stone? I try, but am not terribly good at getting a good edge. If I can get better than that with the 1520, I'll probably get one. I do hone my knives before use.
  9. Will the centre be cold when you bite into a chilled, then seared meat?
  10. barista

    Recipe management

    I'm using Evernote too as I find it's the most usable method. I use plenty of tags for each recipe I save, so it's easy to search. And it also allows to to head straight back to the original source if you want to.
  11. Thanks. Ya, I think I'll do that. I got mine (twin bundle) from their Kickstarter program.
  12. I was just about to post this same question, as I'm having the exact same problem. I would like to know how you rectify this.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. I love the past 2 series.
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