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  1. I didn't know that 女兒紅is Shaoxing till now
  2. We usually give it a 10-15min soak after rinsing and cutting. Then break off a tiny piece to taste at the end to see if it's still too salty. Also depends on what you're cooking. When it's used to make a soup with duck, then it's not normally soaked.
  3. barista

    Chicken Liver Love

    Oh, this looks yummylicious! I'm gonna give it a try.
  4. Finally, someone who knows what the difference is! There's too much overthinking here.
  5. My go-to carrot cake. It's good.
  6. Yes, in fact the Teochews are known for fish porridge made this way. Cooked rice is boiled in fish stock and fresh sliced fish is blanched and served in the porridge.
  7. I I do understand the basic, though that doesn't mean I can sharpen my knives with a razor's edge. At best, I'd consider myself average with these basics.
  8. Because it's the only boning knife I have. The rest are standard chef & slicing knives.
  9. OK, I think I get the idea.
  10. Oh, I didn't know it's called "recurved". I searched for "how to sharpen boning knife", but those were not of the S-shaped knife edge type.
  11. Oh, so instead of the one smooth motion from point to bolster, I need to basically do it in "sectors" to keep contact points?
  12. 😪😪😪skill level is definitely lacking here... I realise that I may have been using less pressure than needed. After the recent post, I went back to try again, but with slightly firmer pressure and indeed the result was better than previous attempts. Another that has me stumped is how does one manage a boning knife that has a slight S-shaped edge from tip to bolster? Tried Googling and YouTube, but I can't find anything on it.
  13. 😄😄😄OK, that's vindication enough for a 1520.
  14. For those who has the Chef's Choice 1520, how does it compare to an average sharpening on stone? I try, but am not terribly good at getting a good edge. If I can get better than that with the 1520, I'll probably get one. I do hone my knives before use.
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