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Cheese I can’t do without

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9 hours ago, lemniscate said:

I just ordered my first foray into WSU cheeses: Cougar Gold and Viking.  I ordered it for a surprise for Easter feast, hopefully I can leave it alone until Easter.   Never had it before but the reviews are all very, very positive.  Now I need to locate a real smoked picnic ham to complete the prep.


Order the smoked "city ham" from Broadbent. Although the Appleton Farms ham at Aldi ain't no slouch.

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Currently Ewe's Blue by Old Chatham Sheepherding company.  I love it with a red Anjou pear and adore it in blue cheese dressing.

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I do not work for these people


but Ive had , and will look into it again




these cheeses 


esp the Brie and the Camembert 


click on the V.B and V.C  and they have a drop down menu


I when I got these two


ome at a time , as Im still alive


I got the oldest one in the cheese cooler


then opened the package up a bit


and Home Aged it in my kitchens cabinet


it was delightful


I plan now to see where it sold in my area


and do this again  


and Ill buy both of similar age


and Home Age !



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