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A Night of Street Food in Bangalore


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Well, I just returned from a two-week trip to Bangalore with my three oldest 'mini-meshuganas'. We lived there for a couple of years, so this was a blast to get back and see old friends, and re-connect with the food!

One night a friend took us to a fantastic kaati roll joint. I'm sure there's few experiences in all the world like eating street food at night anywhere in Asia. Everyone's out, most people are happy, the food is fantastic and fresh, and everybody speaks the same language over food!

Produce stand where we parked:


Skewering the chicken:


Grilling the chicken:


Making the parothas (note the Kinley water bottles as sauce containers):


At the juice shop two doors down getting drinks - we chose butterfruit shakes. If you're unfamiliar, the butterfruit is like a large, mild avocado. When sweetened into a shake, it's a remarkably delicious drink!


And the finished roll, with sliced onion, egg and 'sauce' that we couldn't get a definition of:


These were the best I've had - but it might have been at least partially because I've been out of the country for three years and had a serious craving on. ;)

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