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Best Butter -widely available

Dave Hatfield

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Great blog!

I really enjoyed reading it and was drooling at the descriptions of the butter.

The closest we get in NYC is President and Isigny St Mere, at $3.99 per 250g brick. I buy those because the taste is just amazing compared to even the best farmer's butters.

Merci for all the info!

Cheers! :cool:

I had to bump this thread because I just discovered that my Trader Joes is no longer carrying President butter(!). I've tried Isigny St Mere (which I think I can get elsewhere), but it wasn't even close, IMHO. I'd love to try all the varieties of French butter, but the President has been the only locally available product that was what I was looking for. All the European and 'European Style' butters I've tried have fallen flat - very bland - even to the point where I prefer American butter.

Does anyone know if comparable brands exist in the US? Or, since President Brie seems almost ubiquitous, has anyone had any luck arranging for special order from a distributor through a local market?

Of course, I can find it online, but unless I aim to open a butter store, the shipping would be more than the product.

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The French butter that I like that is easily obtained in New York (Fairway, Zabar's, occasionally Murray's, and elsewhere) is Celles sur Belle, but I don't know how widely it is distributed in other parts of the U.S.

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I know this is article is a bit dated, however, I cook with the #2 best from the article, Lurpak, since the winner is not available around here. I buy the #1 overall winner, which is surprisingly a butter made in CA and its sold here for 3.49 for 1/2 a pound, for spreading.

This is a website with good info about butter but I have not had time to go thru it.

I'd like to know what is considered, as close to today as possible, as above article is 3-4 years old:

The best to bake with and best tasting on its own ?

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My fave butters are:

- beurre Bordier aux Algues, great for Tartine or melted ond Natto beans. Daniel Rose turned me on to it.

- beurre Pascal Beillevaire. Beillevaire has opened shops in several locations in Paris.

A good place in Paris to find good butters and cheeses is Ferme St Hubert on rue Rochechouart. And also at Papilles Gourmandes on rue des Martyrs, not far from a Pascal Beillevaire place.

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