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    Mother's Day Brunch

    Kim, I will have my entire staff to assist with this task. It will be served as a buffet...except for the desserts. That's why I really like your idea. I have the space to display MANY kinds of desserts. The "shot glass" idea will be a great opportunity for my pastry chef to put her best foot forward. I hope I can locate them. Got any ideas who carries them in Indiana? I think I will also incorporate a salad bar with many delicate items on it...besides salad fixings. Another great place to display our talents. Keep the ideas flowing ...Let me know. Thanks. Gail
  2. Gail CDM

    Mother's Day Brunch

    Great ideas so far....keep them coming So far the menu is shaping up to include some kind of strata, I like the crepe idea.. I can make those ahead of time, make a fabulous warm compote of fresh fruits, and maybe a stuffed french toast.. The meats - pork on the grill, and a veal or lamb something. Starch, ?????? Breads - cherry yogurt muffins, fresh banana breads, ??? I really like the suggestion of the smaller desserts in disposable glassware. Variety will be the key. I'll be preparing this at work, so workspace, storage and $$$ is not a problem.
  3. I am going to prepare Brunch for around 150 people. Will be a combination of breakfast / brunch items as well as main entree, to include starch, vegetables, breads / muffins, fruit, cheese and an array of fabulous desserts. Suggestions / great combinations would be muchly appreciated.
  4. Gail CDM

    Easter Brunch

    I love the non-traditional avenue. Then we have the element of surprise...which in layman's terms...we can do what ever we want!! I can't serve lamb...too many people do not care for lamb. Such a loss. I really like the idea of a fresh ham rather than pre-cooked. I live in Amish country, and fresh pork is no problem this time of year. I was also thinking of a different twist for Turkey. Spice it up a bit with....something?? Cherries I think, and change it up then with the ham...but still complement
  5. Gail CDM

    Easter Brunch

    Buffet. But have plenty of help so the traditional buffet foods do not have to be made. I will serve Ham and probably a baked turkey breast. Glazes are still up in the air. Want contrast, yet maintain a balance to the meal. Already thinking of a creamy potato.
  6. Gail CDM

    Easter Brunch

    This event will be fancy, but not too "over the top" I'm tired of doing everyday ham, mashed pots and a vegetable. Any good ham recipe would be greatly appreciated.. My well has run dry on ideas. Also, need a different potato recipe as well. Veggies, we can shake it up with a blend, or a sauce...not too worried about that. Help please!
  7. Michael Symon (currently an Iron Chef) recently opened a new restaurant in Detroit. I would look that up. I'm sure, as with his other restaurants in Ohio, this one is high quality all the way.
  8. I am lucky enough to have the Amish. They make great butter...fresh. Don't know how that compares to the French, but it sure is a "well rounded" butter. Good for all applications. Especially on popcorn....yum!
  9. When I do my cooking class at our Assisted Living center, I always incorporate all the senses. Different colors, tastes, textures, sizes and shapes. I find that older adults have troubles associating /recognizing foods. We often do a blindfold test and have them identify foods by taste and texture or smell. This helps them remember and have fun at the same time. Also, we enjoy combining different food flavors together. Like blueberries and cinnamon or mango with raspberries. hope this helps
  10. Gail CDM

    Wine or Beer?

    What do I serve with Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Broccoli Slaw and Pecan Pie -- Wine or Beer? Please also add what kind you would serve. If you have a favorite brand please also list that. My beer experience is limited...it's been too long since I indulged.
  11. All this crap of counting calories, or carbs is not the way to good health. That is the western way of thinking.... Go to the East my friend.... they know nutrition. Stay away from the 3 deadly whites... white sugar...white flour and white iodized salt... That leaves whole grains....natural raw sugars....and natural salts. If God didn't make it....don't eat it. The further you get away from the food God made, the worse the quality gets. Remember God did not make margarine....God did not make processed foods, or food that comes in a box... God didn't make vitamin tablets....eat the foods that contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs... Shop only the parameter of the grocery store and you will be healthier. Did you know margarine is one molecule from plastic? ICK!!
  12. I put them in the freezer. The heads crack off then!!
  13. I have been drafted at work to participate in my companies "culinary Olympics" in 3 weeks. The menu is "open season" to consist of salad, entree and dessert. Most, more than 75% of this meal can be made ahead of time, This is also a Themed event.. Food has to correspond with the theme. I really would like to keep it simple but elegant. And of course....take the GOLD! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. I thought I'd put my two sense in since I work everyday in a health campus. My food is not spicy, just flavorful. I would highly recommend that you concentrate on combination of flavors rather than one spice. Example would be make a lemon, blueberry pie or meat with fruit glaze. When we get older, we loose the distinction between flavors. Creating a meal that has layers of flavors is more exciting to them than just load up the chili powder.. Use many different things in a salad, fruit, veggies, nuts, etc. Challenge their taste buds to all of the differences.. Then make a fresh vinaigrette with fresh herbs, lemons or oranges to bring it all together. Create hot and cold on the plate, salty, and bitter, sweet and sour.. That keeps the elderly engaged in the meal instead of just eating it~
  15. Gail CDM

    Best Beer for Brats

    I'm an old Wisconsin gal and we always made our brats with the cheapest beer available. Make sure it is not a Malt beer. Don't forget the onions. Cook raw brats in a pan with nothing but beer and raw yellow onions for about 4 hours. Cook them slow... then after 4 hours...hit the grill. Drain off the onions and throw them in a pan to glaze... Fantastic!!!
  16. If you enjoy teas from Teavanna, try the Monkey picked oolong. It's the best
  17. Gail CDM

    Lunch for 40

    Shredded beef is much better than pork...and cheaper. Use a good chuck roast and cook it in tomato juice with water and beef broth for about 4 -6 hours to make it good and easy to shred. Add salsa, at least medium to the meat, then serve it on the shells. Don't forget the sour cream. yum!! Dessert: Make a Key Lime bars to keep with the theme.
  18. Gail CDM


    This was INCREDIBLE. Thanks so much for the post. I use cinnamon quite a bit to keep my "customers" warm in the winter. I have a sinful budget and will explore this new information. Is there also a difference in nutmeg? I already grate from the nut...but now wondering if "all nuts are not alike?" A poser for this Sunday morning..
  19. Sprouts are just too questionable...not everyone likes them. I like the idea of broccoli, lemon and oil. That will keep it light. The potatoes are still in question too.. what about a nice mushroom risetto? Morels are just too expensive this time of year. Any suggestions for a better selection of mushroom? Dessert is steering towards Creme Brulee, with a whisper of lemon.
  20. Today was cream puff stuffed with a wonderful mixture of heavy cream (whipped) amaretto and chopped pecans. Remember to soak you pecans for an our in the amaretto...then mix them in. I'm using amaretto more instead of vanilla... Tastes great. Marinate your fresh strawberries for about an hour before topping you shortcake....wow!!
  21. Starting with amuse bouche of Leek and wild rice turnovers. still working on sauce- thinking of either sesame / peanut seasoned with allspice / cinnamon or clove. Then mushroom soup (morels and procini)with a splash of white wine to smooth it out. Salad consisting of bacon, shallots,spring greens, with a wonderful rosemary / thyme peanut balsamic something. Veggies need to be light, fresh, green,and blending with the meal. With such a heavy meal...dessert is still up in the air. Need to have something to cut the richness of the meat. Citrus - Lemon Pie, maybe. Suggestions??
  22. No good on the potatoes...don't have a deep fryer. Good thinking though. Maybe something along that line though. Maybe Duchesse Potatoes. I think the nutmeg in the pots would accent the heaviness of the meat. Since I need to complement the meal with red wine, and cannot serve it, is there a nice red wine reduction that can go along with the bean/carrot combo. Cranberry something comes to mind..what do you think?
  23. Today in my cup was Monkey Picked Oolong. A fantastic oolong that I add just a bit of jasmine to add just a little spice to my cup. It's my favorite...at $25.00 an oz it should. be.
  24. Gail CDM

    Dinner! 2010

    I made brats cooked in cheap beer with one big onion. Simmer that for 2 hours, then cook the brats on the grill. I served them with sauerkraut baked in the oven in my wonderful sauce. And home-made baked beans... Going to be a "windy" night tonight...
  25. With too many years in a restaurant...we only used our oil 3-5 times, depending on what you have cooked in your oil...before changing. With the right filter, you can recycle your oil to get more LIFE out of it. Vegetable oil, a good one, is the best. It has the lowest smoke rate, and it cooks the cleanest. Fishy smell is a good indication that you used cheap or your oil is burned (got too hot for the oil used.)
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