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  1. That's what you get for ordering cauliflower.
  2. I have noticed similar. Has not bothered me. There is always the Control Freak.
  3. @Katie Meadow why electric? I juice at least one or two (two tonight) citrus fruits a day and what lives on my counter is a Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer. Hamilton Beach has been making these since the 1930's, still sells spare parts, plus I've never had to change the batteries. The 932 juicing cone is stainless steel and the opposing surface is heavy chrome plated zinc. The base is coated cast iron. The collecting funnel is plastic but that does not bother me.
  4. Had Cream of Wheat yesterday. Was more than 1 cent for a great big dish.
  5. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    It's late. I was not going to post a picture but I am a dinner whore. Dry aged NY strip, much of the gray green mold cut off. Thirty second green beans. Momofuku ranch not shown. Dessert, how could one forget dessert, King Arthur Flour Crystal Diamonds...
  6. Thank you for the encouragement, Natasha. I had one and only one project for today. That was to get out of bed just after 3:00 and bake the cookies. I had the Silpats and the stamina to roll out and bake half the dough.
  7. Once upon a time I registered for a KAF one day bread seminar. But at the last moment my transportation cancelled. So I am still a virgin.
  8. The dough recipe calls for only 177 g of flour and I was afraid that was too little for the big bowl. Right now I'm trying to summon the energy to get up and roll out the cookies.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    A fresh bowl of Momofuku ranch.
  10. Thankfully wine may legally be delivered in New Jersey. Can you call up by telephone and order wine to be delivered? If not, the strains of Gillian Welch's opus Dry Town are running through my head: "Hundred miles 'tween me and Missoula..." Your only recourse may be the ballot box or burning tires in the street.
  11. Cookies, flatbreads, pastry. I think I know now what pin I'll plan to get but first I want to experiment with the Beranbaum pin while I can still return it.
  12. The Matfer (no, I'm not going to pay $94.80 for a French nylon rod) is 13/4 inches in diameter by 195/8 inches long. That seems a more reasonable size. However I wouldn't mind 24 inches personally.
  13. I mixed my first cookie dough in the Ankarsrum. The Ankarsrum did not mix as well as I would have liked. The cookie recipe was KAF Crystal Diamonds. The dough for Crystal Diamonds is flour, milk, lemon oil, yeast, and salt; then with butter beaten in in increments. The dough merrily climbed the center column and crawled into the gears. I suspect the end result will be OK, though with more mess and pain than I anticipated. Another observation: Stretch-tite plastic wrap sticks to the Ankarsrum plastic bowl. Sticks as in "can't get it off".
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