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  1. Now that I've had a bowl I can report back: I agree, the stabilizer this time did not make much difference. But the ice cream was not hard to scoop, nor was it too soft. I measured -9.4C when it was in the bowl. I'm not complaining about this batch but I think I preferred the taste and texture of the Philadelphia style I made most recently. The Philadelphia style was creamier (not surprising as it was all cream and this batch was adulterated with milk). The vanilla flavor came through better in the Philadelphia version. And there was an ever so slight iciness in this batch that was not evident in the Philadelphia version. If the overrun of the Philadelphia version was too high, this overrun was too low (but here I'm being picky). I was afraid if I added as much stabilizer to the custard as I had to the Philadelphia version I would make a mess, so I thought to err on the side of too little. I don't have much experience with these modernist emulsifiers and stabilizers, and I don't yet know what does what. To my perception iciness in ice cream is the major defect. Something (or things) in the Philadelphia version killed the iciness, and I'd like to understand what that was. Oh, and by the way, the Philadelphia ice cream was easier to make.
  2. When bread baking one should not cut corners.
  3. Don't worry, I will report back. There are ways to deal with ice cream that is too hard. Remember when Haagen-Dazs used to give instructions to microwave the container before serving? Not much to be done for ice cream that is too soft.
  4. Another stabilizer experiment, this time based loosely on Lebovitz's non-Philadelphia vanilla recipe: Cream 500 ml (500 ml) Milk 250 ml (250 ml) Sucrose 120 g (150 g) Salt 0.2 g (pinch) Locust Bean Gum 0.4 g (none) Lambda Carrageenan 0.1 g (none) Egg Yolks 10 (6) Lebovitz's quantities in parentheses. The procedure was per Lebovitz, with my stabilizers mixed into the sugar. I homogenized my mix, of course, which Lebovitz does not specify. Lebovitz does not suggest a temperature, but I made sure my custard did not reach 80C. In the ice bath as we speak.
  5. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    What does the character on top say?
  6. This is getting too close to home...last night I brought home two two pound bags of KAF organic all purpose.
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    What is to the left of the burger?
  8. Last night a friend took me to Shoprite after we got off from work. For once I finished shopping before she did. She explained the local Shoprite has much better selection than the Shoprite where she lives. I felt less guilty. What was most gratifying and brought me almost to tears, while in the store I was offered two rides home: one by an acquaintance from the library and one by the clerk who bagged my order, if I could wait till she finished her shift. And now I have dishwasher detergent and peanuts.
  9. Of the two South Americans I know who emigrated to the United States: one had been imprisoned and tortured for his politics in his home country. The grandfather of the other was imprisoned twice. Once as a prisoner of war and once as a political prisoner.
  10. JoNorvelleWalker


    For me coleslaw begins with ken-cut cabbage: Ken-cut cabbage is not only aesthetically pleasing but is possible for me to masticate. My favored dressing is Hellmann's, cider vinegar, and pressed garlic. Personally I've never seen the attraction of pre-salting cabbage. And now if you'll excuse me I am off to have coleslaw with baked potato and grilled bluefish.
  11. Most of what I learned in collage is now rather vague. One thing that sticks in mind is that the Italian practice of supporting vines was thought to be modern but archaeological evidence showed dated back to at least ancient Roman times. I say if something's not broke don't fix it. Grapes grow wild in profusion around here but they seem more interested in making more grape vines than in producing fine wines. Of course I may just be bitter: I have three grape vines from which I've never seen a single grape.
  12. They never offered the restaurant delivery service where I am. Amazon starts a lot of projects. Some work, some don't. Maybe Amazon will put restaurants in their walk-in bookstores and make deliveries from there. More likely I'm guessing prepared meals delivered from Whole Foods.
  13. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Kelvedon Wonder picked in the rain at twilight. "To burst a pod of peas and eat them in the dark is a sweet joy." -- Nigel Slater
  14. I envy you @Shelby. I've been wanting a KoMo mill for several years but the cost has been prohibitive. Maybe you will be the catalyst! I want to hear about your results with the flour sifter. Other than the KoMo XL I'd consider a Mockmill Professional (which are on sale at the moment). Interesting that Wolfgang Mock has started three different grain mill companies.
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