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  1. Thank you everyone for your wonderful replies. I guess I have some shopping to do before I can begin! I am very excited to have the book and cannot wait to get started! Do you think 5 or 10 lbs is about right to get started? I am still learning so I imagine alot will be thrown away. I hope not, but you know how that goes!
  2. This question has probably been asked a million times, but I cannot find the answer anywhere. I have the book and I am looking purchase a good amount of chocolate to begin attempting to do the recipes. Where is good place to purchase say, 10 lbs. that you just don't want to cry because the recipes turned out bad? I need equipment I can see from what I have read in the front of the book. What is the best way to do this without breaking the bank? Some of the molds and stuff I see in the book look expensive is there a way to get less expensive versions or do without (OK, don't laugh, maybe not)
  3. I have been addicted to thier "cobblestones" ... like monkey bread in cupcake size....yum...
  4. I almost feel bad saying this, they have them in the vending machine at my work. I never tried them. But I will now...
  5. I watched the mushroom show today and I was impressed! It really is the best the food network has done in a long time.
  6. Oh please let them taste good! I absolutely cannot even cut 1/2 an onionn with out crying, if I try to cut two..forget it, its painful! Yes, I will suffer two for a good recipe. But I would be DEAD if I tried french onion soup!
  7. I use the term "chowhound" quite a bit to descibe me. I like the sound of it. But 'foodie' is too perky and cutsy for me. And I am not perky or cutsy person, so when I say the word it sounds strange coming out of my mouth. I don't like 'veggie' either, so we can lose that and I would not lose any sleep.
  8. Ok, ladies here is the run down for this month.... Why is it I only want processed crap during "that time" I have no idea... chocolate cupcakes, from a mix. I hate mixes...but for some reason I wanted the from a mix taste... processed frozen corn dogs and grilled ham, cheese and egg sandwiches I like everyone else's food better....
  9. Each year my hubby and I make "toasties" we call them. They are subsandwhiches that are piled with just about every deli meat you can think of and provalone put under the broiler then top with lettuce, tomato, pesto, olive saled. Serve with chips and dip. YUM! I love football.. but now that I have the finger food thing stuck in my head some pate choux may just be in order....
  10. http://www.eattheseasons.com/ I am no good with adding the links, but this is a nifty little website I use for finding out whats good now
  11. I too want to taste and make a real french macaron make perfect puff pastry (yeah, I know, good luck on that one I hear it's hard) start buying better chocolate learn to use my new decorating tip set I got for christmas make sourdough bread thats a starters....
  12. Just keep cooking! I have been up at the stove for as long as I can remember, I still cook things that make me gag. Definately winter blues.
  13. It's creeping up to that time and I am sharking the thread for ideas!!
  14. Nutella, peanut butter, those mini marshmellows, hot cocoa by the spoon.... a PB&J, or just break down and bake some cookies, brownies, something.
  15. I use to smoke and there is a very big difference in how food taste. Even to the this day, if I want a break at work I go out with the smokers. I did that so much everyone just thought I smoked and was shocked to find out I didn't...
  16. I have not read the whole thread...although I should before I respond. So I apologize if this seems out of place.. my 1 1/2 cent: You make time for what is a priority. Period. For much of human evolution man has had to spend a good deal of time hunting, gathering, preparing food. In terms of history, it's only recently we have begun to outsource alot of this. I sit in about the 50 thou a year range. I work full time, I go to school part time. Same for my hubby. No kids. We cook from scratch at home almost all the time, maybe eat out once a week. I think its a shame that I have people asking
  17. HOW did you choke that baconator with the plastic cheese down?!! i know because i did it several cycles ago and felt sick later.... give me a whopper jr. heavy on the pickles and throw the bottom bun away ← You know, thinking back, I have no idea now....but at the time it was the best thing on the planet!
  18. Nothing beats just plain roasted chicken, nothing fancy,just salt, pepper, rosemary, butter on the skin, straight from the oven. I can eat a whole one myself...
  19. hmmm....it was a baconator hamburger from wendy's with a frosty...
  20. Bravo!!!! Every time I went into a resturant with my mother it was scene. If she didn't find anything to complain about, she insisted on talking in the loudest voice possible about her bowels. Top that off with the 1 dollar tip she left, I was mortified. (needless to say I would pull money out and add more to that...)
  21. Wow....let's see.... I learned enough to know I want to spend my life doing this! Danish pastry has to have room tempurture (sp?) butter (better bake, can't spell!) DON"T SNIFF THE RISING BREAD! That hurt! Challah bread, caramel, working on chocolate and cupcakes. How to break into the pastry biz. I look forward to next year when I will order my first chocolate online!
  22. Oh man, I passed this book up for Peter Grewling's chocolate and confections, but now I have to go back for it!
  23. In 2008, I will eat hopefully not as much junk as last year! Better quality, smaller meals. Truffles...never had them. (can you imagine that???) I will make homemade chocolates and pastry..I WILL master puff pastry! I will find a way into a career as a pastry chef or chocoletier (after I lean to spell it ) moving to a new city to do it.... I will learn about Wines...I want to learn about wine. I will teach the people in my life that taking time to prepare and enjoy good food is a luxury. I will read mass quanities on chocolate, pastry, cooking, chefing....
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