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  1. Thanks for the info, it is very helpful! I plan on breaking my new oven in on some roast chicken tonight and see how it goes! Thanks again!
  2. I was very happy to have stubbled on to this thread! I just bought a ceramic cooktop range and was wondering how to properly clean it. I may have to hunt down some of that Cooktop Magic. What type of pans should be used? I have an old t-fal stock pot that is still good, but my cooktop is black and I noticed places where the top itself has gotten little white dots from where the pan was sitting. I am thinking the bottom of the pan scratched the surface when I moved the pan while cooking. The dots do not clean off and this a new from the store range and I don't want to ruin it with my pans.....
  3. Help!! I bought a new range this week and it has settings for both a convection and regular oven. I have never used a convection oven, but it came with the range so I figured, "what the heck". My question is this what is the difference between a convection oven v.s a regular oven? Just cooking times? Thanks!
  4. tell us of this wonderful thing, ckat..... ← I apologize for not seeing this...I really sometimes just come in here hit the reply... my bad...I am sorry... I got them while at the central market in Austin, TX. They are made by Vosage and amazing! creamy, a little salty, chocolately with an undertone of bacon. There is even chunks of bacon. I believe you can order them online if you are not in the New York area which is where there main store is located. I wish I had some more..
  5. Absolute Favs ~ Mario Batali Gordon Ramsey Marimoto (I can't spell his name but his food is slammin') Alton Brown Jamie Oliver - love his show, the food is so fresh and just looks good, his recipes are good too... Ones I can live without Sandra Lee (she can open boxes, should work in a warehouse, can't cook) Rachel Ray Paula Dean Neelys
  6. No eek...sounds like good PMS fixin's to me! This month it was roast chicken again. And pasta, in any form with apple fritters. Wierd... The funny thing is my husband has now started watching the calendar and when he sees its about that time he asked to buy the chicken. Did I mention I how much I love my husband??
  7. I find this discussion pretty interesting. For one thing I grew up with a die hard, burn your bra feminist mother who never stepped a foot in the kitchen. I grew up cooking because she never did. Now that I am "all grown up" as they say, I cook because I love it. I build furniture, lift weights, weld and can whip up a cake or great steak dinner in no time. And I am proud of that fact. The whole feminist movement was about choices And I think the generation of women coming up is still grappling with what to do with the choices given. I am so very grateful for all the women that struggled befor
  8. This month I was blessed with chocolate bacon bars! PMS will never be the same.
  9. For some strange reason around where I live produce is expensive. The boxes and can foods are cheaper. I think people on the lower side of the econmic scale can't cook because for so long what you could afford came in a box or can. Case in point, box macaroni and cheese, kraft, around here is 69 cents. To make homemade macaroni and cheese is so much more expensive, even if you went with the cheapest of cheese. You couple that with time constraints and that is a bad mix. Alot of people around here are cutting back. Alot of people that I talk to are having to make choices between paying to get
  10. Since lately I have been getting into wines more, my husband and I are going to a movie theater that have a baloney with a dinner service. Not anything fancy, mind you, just burgers and such. I was looking at the menu and the chilli cheese fries are way too tempting. This movie theater also has a wine selection. I am convinced that wine can pair with anything. My question is this and because I thought it would be a fun question...what wine should I have with the chilli cheese fries? Thanks!
  11. Vegetarian Parmesan Tofu Sandwiches... take very firm tofu, cut in appropriate size for whatever bread you are using, coat in flour, then egg, then well seasoned panko crumbs that have parmesan added. Fry in olive oil til brown and crispy. Serve on great buns with whatever condiments..fries, cole slaw, pick up a great desert, coffee or wine..presto done it was my old standby when I was vegetarian...
  12. CKatCook

    sourcing albarino

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful replies, there is one store a ways a way from me I hope to get to soon. For right now I am savering my one bottle. (I now know, buy the case.....)
  13. I was in a tapas bar in Austin, Texas and on the advice of the waitress there I had a wonderful spanish wine for the first time called Albarino. The problem is now that I am back in Oklahoma, I can't find any! I bought a bottle in Austin and now I am wishing I bought a case to bring back. Does anyone know where I could possibly get some? Even if it's on the web? Thanks!
  14. It almost has a blackberry hint to it. It comes loose in the can and if you brew EXACTLY as it is listed the stuff is wonderful! I absolutely love tea...
  15. I buy rice in 25 pound bags. I love rice and eat it almost daily. What I cannot seem to find, and what a friend of mine's mother likes is Korean green rice. She called it that and said it was the best rice in the world. I have never tried it, cannot find any in stores at all. If anyone knows anything that would be great. I quit trying to make rice on stove tops after I bought a rice cooker. The trick is the ratio of rice to water, about 1 c. rice for 1 1/2 c. water for jasmine rice. It comes out perfect everytime.
  16. I have what I am watching later! Thanks for letting us know about it! Wow, something like this would SO go well on a major network!
  17. OH, OH, OH...too cool! I cannot wait to see the pictures!
  18. I watched this show for the first time this week because there really wasn't anything else on. I am sorry the raw egg was gross! And Nipa's little act was ridiculous, IMO.
  19. My current favorite (and I have many) is Rishi's plumberry white. Its fruity and light. I also like this Vanilla Roobos that I have. It is light as well, hints of vanilla just well done tea. I have not grown up enough for pu-er, my hats off to you!
  20. I just bought a ditgal camera that takes more clear pictures...to show pictures of food here...
  21. do you find your produce spoils faster in the plastic bags? it looks incredible! the champane current jelly, who makes that?
  22. CKatCook

    Wine fraud?

    I was reading an article in the May issue of Wired magazine, it was not a very big article, but it was talking about how all the top wines in the industry were beginning to put alot of computer technology to use to keep imatations of thier wines from being put on the market. Mico chips in corks, holographic labels, tracking numbers etched in to the glass of the bottles, etc. I was wondering, is "wine fraud" a real issue? If so, how big? Thanks!
  23. Lets see.... First there was chocolate cupcakes, BBQ ribs, macaroni and cheese I think I will go explode now...
  24. Yet more beautiful produce! I am just pea green with envy!
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