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  1. I watched the show after looking forward to this all week and was not disappointed. The peach tea pizza was amazing looking! Who would have ever thought!
  2. Lately it's been the cinnamelts from Mickey D's in the morning...yum!
  3. Lately around here in the southern part of the US there is the double FOF available. I do like them, but agree they have to be out of the fryer fresh. They are good. I also like Burger King's BK Big Fish, but only with bacon on it.
  4. Thanks for the links! That was some good information!
  5. Yes, I am growing only in containers. I went to the library to look that book up and think I will just purchase it. It was not at the library.
  6. Thank you! I fed it like normal. Dang its been only 5 days and it stinks! Who know something that sinky could produce something so good...LOL
  7. I am on day 4 of making my very first sourdough starter and I followed the directions exactly as written in "The Bread Bible" by Beranbaum. I have noticed a layer of water has collected on top of the starter. Yellowish water that looks like the starter is separating. Is this normal? Should I just feed it and stir? Thanks!
  8. I just didn't like all the sexual innuendoes that was in the show. I mean, yes, there is a raw sexually to eating and cooking. Most true "foodies" I know would agree with that statement. I mean Mario Batali's, Anthony Bourdain, (I am female...and straight) are two celebrity chefs whose display of food and cooking is hot, but you don't see them going out of their way to make innuendoes about it. I will say it, Rachel Ray's cooking makes all humanity look bad. Not just white folks. Sorry...
  9. It gets real hot here in the summer, and it is not uncommon for there to be stretches of time where it is 100 plus for days on end. Mostly in July and Auguest. My biggest concern is the tornadoes! We had some roll by last night that made a "beeline" straight for my apartment! Luckily it didn't drop down and stayed a funnel, but it is still scary stuff and often you don't have time to get everything indoors, not that that would matter, the whole place would be gone! I will check out the Japan forum and the Blogs that were mentioned. I have never sprouted seeds first. Last time I planted I jus
  10. What is really beyond chain food is mom and pop shops with good food. Down from where I work there is a family owned and operated greek place that is good. Not outstanding, but good. Next to it is a place they hand make their donuts every day. As far as "fine dining" I have yet to see any at the level we are talking here, or most on EGullet would be use to.
  11. This was a wonderful surprise first thing on a Monday! I am looking forward to this! I have always wanted to see more of what life is like in Japan, but have yet to make the trip. Now I can some from home!
  12. pancakes and sausage but what everyone else had looks better! Does anyone have a recipe for those baked eggs?
  13. It's over here if you want to take a look. Thanks! Good luck with your garden, I love to grow food. It invariably tastes better, if only because you convince yourself it must, after all that work! ← posted you something there...
  14. There is the best fried chicken I ever had at a place called Eschens in Okcarchee if you are willing to drive. The Meer's Store in Meers, Oklahoma is the same, a bit of a drive but way worth it. It was featured in Bon Appetit not too long ago. The food scene here is not that great, you won't find establishments like you do in New York City, or Denver, but there are some notable spots. I agree with Cattlemen's, The Haunted House Resturant (have to reservations, Http//www.hauntedhouserestaurant.com/menu.nxg) I have never been there, the menu looks not that great to me, but others that have been
  15. RATZ! I will be patient! (although that is very hard for me when it comes to good food, I admit)
  16. I took a red velvet cake mix and cream cheese icing and made cupcakes with red bull energy drink. All I did was use red bull in place of the buttermilk the recipe called for and increased by some the amount of butter to compensate for the fat missing in the buttermilk. I don't think I will do that again simply due to the red food dye was a bit much for me, but the people who ate it loved it! I could imagine something simular would work with chocolate cake.
  17. Anywhere near Oklahoma City? I started a topic on restaurants there a while ago and no one replied! Strawberries don't generally produce well the first year they are in. The second year, you will have more than you know what to do with! I am still eating strawberry jam from two seasons ago. ← Actually I live close to Oklahoma City. I didn't see the thread or I would have replied. I am sorry about that. I will remember that about the strawberries. edited for stupid spelling mistakes
  18. topsy turvy tomato This is the URL to the tomato container I purchased. It states on the box that you even grow eggplant this way. I am not going to but if the tomatoes work out well this year I just might. Chris Hennes - I never heard of doing that, but it is something to look into. I live in Oklahoma and there are a lot of farms around here that are "you pay -you pick" I plan on canning peaches this summer after I go picking. TongoRad - I got the containers deep enough, but I bought the self-watering kind where all you have to do is pour the water in the bottem of the container and it dra
  19. Well, I got to thinking about it the other day and I decided the price of tomatos are just too high here where I live. I paid 2 US dollars for 1 tomato for a hamburgers I was making that night! 2 BUCKS! So I decided to turn my small porch in my apartment into a container garden. I went down to my local home and garden shop and purchased the stuff for hanging tomato plants. Then I just went nuts and bought containers for herbs, cucumbers, peppers. I have a smallish porch, so I suspect it will be a jungle by July. Now I have only grown something once in my life, basil, and didn't know when to p
  20. Well, It's actually past that time and I had the flu so bad I could not eat or leave my bed. The worse of it, the medicine my doc gave me made what little I did feel like eating taste like a tin can. No joke. Things would smell good, but taste horrible. Thank god I am better and off the medication and food is tasting normal again. I have respectfully made up for it though with orange serbert. This thread has made the food cravings that go along with that time of the month kind of fun, I am blushing to say.
  21. I watched the show yesterday and he did this thing with link sausage that looked amazing. I have to get the book. Does anyone know if it is being sold in the US yet?
  22. I am not shocked he lied. I am shocked no one checked. My god, as if the food network has not gone far enough down hill! Dame -> that's a good one! !
  23. Welcome aboard my friend! I personally spend my days reading, writing, watching, cooking food. I cannot say I have ever been to a real high end fine dining establishment, like French Laundry, but I hope to one day. I am not sure fine dining is required to be labeled a "foodie", but I am damn picky about what to cook and eat, and I do eat adventurously. Welcome home chefzimm!
  24. I once went two whole years where I would not eat anything but chinese food. Seriously, I can now cook some chinese food! Now I am in the no food touching camp. The only exception is if it is meant to touch, like pasta with sauce, or all the food touching on a sandwich. Forget gravy! Gravy all over things on a plate and I am barfing. All canned veggies have to be in separate bowls, its just too nasty to have them on the same plate.
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