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    Yes...I hate the lack of availablity of good fish. I am spoiled for the fresh stuff. Even the produce here is not that great in my opinion. If you have any good suggestions PM me with them please! Now what I would love to try is fingerling potatoes....I have not been able to find them anywhere here!
  2. Theres a resturant in Tacoma Washington where I grew up called The Great Wall, and the shrimp fried rice there was to die for. It was always a special treat when my grandfather took me there. And then we would go this hole in the wall ice cream shop and I would get blackberrie milkshake. I can still taste them if I dream enough.
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    I seems impossible to find a good potatoe inless you grow it yourself here in Oklahoma. I love New potatoes. My grandfather used to get fresh hailbut off the coast in Seattle and grill it in real butter, and plain boiled new pototoes with a little butter......just heaven!
  4. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have always been too scared to try them! I love Pocky, I buy that by the case when I go to the Asian markets here. I forgot about Zingers! I love those! Oh crap...I gonna have to get some now on the way to work! !
  5. I dont know if this qualifies, but man when the Fry Daddy first came out we fried everything! And was happy to do it! Fondue was all the rage, it made a bit of a come back, I saw one of the fondue pots in the store the other day. BooBerry cereal, bazooka joe bubble gum that came in a toothpaste like squeeze tube, wax lips at Holloween. (My hubby and I have been racking our brains here but neither of our families was much into parties and food...I am kind sad about that too, I would love to try some of the classics) Boy that was a trip down memory lane....
  6. I usually take nothing. Half the fun of traveling for me is the "road food" I call it.
  7. racheld...thanks for that post...wonderful desciption... Some one give me a peacan log!!!! I have not thought of Stuckeys in years! I think there still is one on I-10 that is acoss the border of Texas as you are going into Louisana.
  8. Shrimp chips soooooo ROCK!!!! I use to get them in the pike place market in Seattle. I found them in a local store here in town and I gross everyone out with them but I don't care, I love them!
  9. I don't like to eat at all really, but one has to and this year I am determined most of my cooking will be out on the grill so that it does not heat up the house. The "real heat" is just beginning here in Oklahoma and I have all but shut down my kitchen, except to prepare grill stuff, of course.
  10. Welcome CKatCook. What sort of chocolate cookbook are you thinking? Desserts vs making actual chocolates? I quite like Chocolate Obsession for abit of both areas right now. ← I am thinking chocolate desserts, I would some that does interesting things with chocoate, like on meat and sauces that one would not expect.... thanks!
  11. Hello everyone!!! Sorry so late to add this, I have not read the whole thread but I have 26, (very sad I know)..but I am looking to add more. (way more...!!!) Nasty Bits will probably be on the list....and a real good chocolate cookbook...anyone have any good sugestions?
  12. Hello everyone...long time lurker, first time poster! Nice to come out and talk to everyone! There are parts here in the more rural (sp?) areas of Oklahoma that are still just stop for gas and thats it kind of stations. But I remember gas stations like that were common place. I was shocked to see some gas stations now have these mini-deep fried eveything kitchens. I didn't think anyone ate at them, but they are still in business so I guess they do. I think its a statement of our convenience driven society.
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