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  1. I have been excited ever since I saw the ad for this, I can't wait! It looks so cute...
  2. very, very picky. I am definately a pick through, smell, squeeze, knock on the melons kind of a gal...
  3. Question from the newbie....where do I get some? Cook a duck keep the fat? In a grocery store (I have never seen any)? Thanks! I love new products (new to me anyway... )
  4. That was the neatest thing. For someone who is just learning about wines, this is wonderful! Thanks!
  5. I read this whole thread with a kind of grossed out fascination. Let me start off by saying, I don't have the most educated of palates. (Mostly due to lack of availablity, and I am too scared of order food off the internet, something about it I don't trust) But I can honestly say I cook better food at home than any resturant I have been too (yet) here where I live. I live in Oklahoma, and most of the resturants here are chain food type eating establishments. The other Friday, my hubby and I ventured out to our favorite, locally owned, non-chain Indian food place to meet a friend of ours and it
  6. This cookbook called " a man a can a plan" its shaped like a can, and its all about how to make anything from a can.......gross...... I can honestly say I have never made anything from it...
  7. I have that book, and it is one of the most interesting books I ever bought. I too was shocked at the consumption of processed food and fast food the US family had over the other families. At the time I bought this book I was doing the low carb diet thing and this book got me to stop and really think about that idea. facinating book!
  8. did you mean "swell" or did you mean "swill"? makes a bit of difference in the post.. ← oops! sorry! Swill.....
  9. CKatCook

    Doritos X-13D

    People thought I was nuts! I ran all over looking for these things, curiosity got the best of me I guess. And WOW, they do taste like cheeseburger! How strange is that!
  10. CKatCook

    Dinner! 2007

    I thought I had take pictures of this roast chicken I made, but when I went to download the pictures, they were not there! bummer! I had roast chicken, with veggies. Marlene, that rack of lamb looks fantastic!
  11. CKatCook

    Doritos X-13D

    I saw these the other day and was intrigued to say the least. Now I have to try them. (she says as she is running out the door to the store)
  12. My mother never cooked!! So I have no recipes handed down from gerations of family. I am pea green with envy over those of you who do. For me, its my copy of "The Silver Spoon" I just love the recipes, I make them over and over again.
  13. I vote for bacon, jalpenoes, montery jack, mushrooms. I had a hamburger once with a fried egg on it, it was pretty good.
  14. I just saw the trailer on there website. Lets get ready to rumble!
  15. I use to love Artie in the kitchen! I love the wine glasses. They look more like "wine cups" than glasses. I use to do a Soprano's night too. A new dish every week that I would take from the cookbook the silver spoon. I will miss those, too.
  16. CKatCook

    Dinner! 2007

    Once again beautiful pictures and food! I too would love that cake recipe! I had some plain baked chicken, rosemary carrots and rice and peas. I still haven't figured out my camera, so no pics..sorry
  17. I don't know this guy, but I gather if he made Gordon Ramsey cry, then he must have one serious temper.
  18. I saw the Lincoln Logs too and was curious about the cream cheese. I have never heard of that. Now I am curious enough to try it. I have seen the show since its very beginning and now that I really think about it, alot of the scenes do center around food. And good looking food at that...
  19. CKatCook

    Dinner! 2007

    WOW...everyone's dinner is just beautiful! I don't have pictures I am still leaning to use my camera...I am almost embarassed to say I have a salad I bought pre-made.....hey, it least it had goat cheese...
  20. CKatCook

    Corn relish

    a favorite around this house is a can of corn, black olives (chopped), parsley, red onion, tomato (chopped), and then some kind of favoring..depending on what I am eating, if a Latino dish, then it's chilli powder, cumin, salt, pepper. Or sometimes just plain vinegar.
  21. I had a friend of mine come over from Germany once and she commented on how everything here in the US is sweet. I agree. I have a huge sweet tooth, always have, but I like my sweets as deserts. I don't like sweet bread (as most commerical bread seems to be here in the US) or sweet coffee. I drink it black. I think its a matter of conditioning. My husband and I don't eat processed food, we long ago gave that up and it does change your palate when you do that...in my humble opinion...
  22. Living in the south part of the U.S. most people I know eat butter on their rice, sugar and cinnamon if it's morning. I never saw stranger eating habits than when I lived in New Orleans. I worked with a group of grandmothers native to New Orleans. They ate ketchup on fried chicken, grits every morning with eggs, butter, bacon all stirred in together. I once date a guy that went to a "finishing school" I was in my very early 20's and was knocked out when I saw him eat nachoes with a fork, definately to be eaten by hand in my book. He showed me the proper way to eat a banana, roll, when you si
  23. I am a real newbie and I watch the Nigella Lawson on food network, thats about it anymore. I use to watch a lot more, but lately it's hasn't been that great...I hang more with PBS these days, too.
  24. I loved this show last year, I hope it is just as good this year.
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