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  1. This is so funny...a long time ago I was a rather devout vegan, and the chef at the hotel I worked at one day offered me to come to the kitchen for bacon. I refused. She would cook some up when she knew I was coming in and leave it in the path I would walk to go into my desk. With in a about 2 weeks, I picking off that plate! After 4 years of no meat. Now, if you are made of pork, you better run faster than me...
  2. Hmmmm....let's see....AMEN!!! We had this huge ice storm here that wiped out our internet and power for a week. It's all finally back on and now we are just tired and want to just to have some fun. I made some divinty, biscotti, chocolate dipped pretzels, gingerbread, fudge. And that is a SHORT list compared to what I normally make. I don't even think I am doing a special Christmas dinner like I normally do. It's just too much and I am simply ready to enjoy myself for a change....and not spend half the time doing dishes.
  3. Don't feel bad, for me it was a BK Big Fish w/ bacon and extra mayo....
  4. Wow...my power has been out due to a storm in the area here and I come back and there is lots of advice and replies. I am very grateful for all the advice, tips and hints. I guess before I go to culinary arts school I will definately stage some where, I am thinking of hitting up the best hotel in the area and start collecting equipment and books. Is there anything you would definately NOT do? Meaning, if you had it to do all over again, what would you change? Thank you for all that you do....
  5. Beautiful!! We are finally digging ourselves out here from the storm and another may come. So heaven knows at this point when I will get to a store to buy stuff to make this, I hope this evening. If my camera can get a decent picture I will post it
  6. Well, I guess from my prospective 40-50 a year (if I work this right) does not sound that bad. I know that sounds crazy, but right now to be honest, I am only clearing 36(not including my husband's income), and before that I was a social worker making much less. So really in terms of money only I am only trading one career pay for the same pay different career. One where I will be happier doing. I realize that it's hard, hard, hard work. (Bless all those that have done this all their lives...) I appreciate your kind advice, and once again it is good to get the real deal as far as advice is con
  7. I do plan on starting in a hotel. I have a huge hotel background and would love to work at some place like Bellagio or even a resort.
  8. definitely a point well taken nicole. you're looking at the investment in time and money in school and then at least five years of "drudgery" before becoming a pastry chef. while i do think people in pastry tend to be promoted quickly (for lack of qualified applicants), i don't think it is always wise to move up too quickly because you then lack a good solid foundation. i know that i moved up very quickly, but stepped back early on because i knew that i needed more time to develop my skills and palate. ckatcook, i wasn't implying that you and your husband were a team in the pastry kitchen,
  9. everything looks beautiful! wow...yum...
  10. While money is not a very important factor, it is one factor in many I am looking at to make the decision. I appreciate the tough talk, these are the kinds of things I want to hear. edited for stupid spelling....
  11. My hubby and I aren't a "team" he is going for regular savory chef, executive chef stuff. I am going for pastry. I wanted the "down and dirty" I didn't want it sugar coated, because if we move so we can go to culinary arts school, then I want to go with my eyes wide open. "No holds barred", so to speak. I realize schools love to sugar coat things and I really wanted a real answer. I have heard that the probably of making in the 50's is slim considering I am 38 now and lack experience. I hear advice completely the opposite. At this point I don't know which way is up. I realize that you have to
  12. I am putting this here because I wanted those that work in the pastry industry to answer.... I am trying to get a realistic picture of what kind of money pastry chefs actually make. As I have mentioned before on the boards I am fixing to relocate so I can go to pastry school with my husband and I have been having some difficulty finding online a good ball park figure of what pastry chefs make, so I get an idea of what to expect. I know this is a bit of a personal question and if you don't feel like answering me here if you would kindly PM me with it, I would be grateful. I read anywhere from
  13. Can I play???? Does anyone know where I can find a good recipe for one. I don't have one. I looked in ALL my cookbooks....
  14. I had to take a bit of a break after Thankgiving, whew... but now I am back in the kitchen... I am making gingerbread ornaments this weekend. Homemade marshmellows, fudge, double chocolate chip cookies, jam thumbprints, biscotti - chocolate dipped, are all getting made to give away probably the weekend after this weekend.
  15. I just wanted to say, that since I have started to learn about food and cooking I often watched the food network for techniques and such. But now that I know a little more about food I find most of the shows just terrible and the food laughable. Not that I am a great cook, but I doubt I will be making Rachel Ray's hot dog saled any time soon. I actually watched the holiday dessert battle on iron chef and was floored when one of the judges yelled across the room to Paula Dean, "hey why do you talk like that you are from Massachusetts" I have also noticed various snide remarks comming from Al
  16. I am not sure of my time to commit to cooking thru the cookbook, but I will say I love the suggestions. My hubby and I have been on a bit of quest lately to make things healthier and its a challenge, so I love all the tips everyone is giving. I am a dessert hound. It seems I have to end the day with something sweet. My answer to this, Fruit based desserts. I mean why are desserts here in the US it seems these huge, intestinal nightmares? Making omlets (sp?) with one whole egg, two whites doesn't effect the flavor...
  17. 7 layer chocolate cake. M&M's with pretzels, eaten together, my friend got me on those and I cannot stop! edit to add~ french fries with mayo and bacon. enough said.
  18. wow, everything looks fanstastic! I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen and cook.....
  19. I love recipes from way back like this!
  20. I posted this here instead of the pastry forum, I thought it would be more appropreate. I got to thinking today about chocolate and all the different uses, and I began to wonder if there was any savory recipes out there other than mexican mole sauce. (which seems to be the only savory recipe I can find) Does anyone have any good recipes that are not sweet, but use chocolate? Thanks! (curiousity killing the kat again...hehehe ) (also, sorry for any misspellings, its not my strong point)
  21. Give me a good crunchy crust anyday!
  22. I made a sweet potato maple bourbon pie...mmmmmmmmm....
  23. CKatCook

    Bacon Salt

    Ok, I have to have some of this.....
  24. My love and I's first meal together was at this chinese food resturant that no longer exist. It was a small rather crappy buffet. But I made up for it on the third date when I made lasgana (sp?) with everything hand made, down to the pasta, with eggplant patties. He hates eggplant, but ate it anyway to impress me. -> now that is love.
  25. I know, I know, I know. Its close to the big day and I have not decided. I was hoping for ideas. I am determined to go out on a limb this year and do something different. Any ideas anyone?
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