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  1. CKatCook

    RIP Holly Moore

    I logged in here after not having logged in for a while to see this message. I never personally knew Holly, but remember his post. I am saddened to hear this.
  2. I just signed up, three weeks late, so I have some catch up. I plan on getting the book as well. This is exciting! Thank you for posting this!
  3. For me it depends on the book. Now all my bread cookbooks that I consider "classics" I buy on paper (ie: Crust and Crumb, The Bread Bakers Apprentice). But for some others that are ones that I like, bought, but don't see it becoming a classic, then I get the ebook. (like diet cookbooks, 20 meals with 20 ingredients, etc LOL)
  4. I work a very busy job, as most people I suppose. When it comes to lunch time I am lucky to get time to eat. Let alone go out anywhere outside the office eat (It is a rare day that happens for me). Short of getting a new job, I have to pack my lunches. The problem? I am in a serious packed lunch rut. I have looked around on the internet, I have checked out cookbooks, everything seems either 1) geared toward kids or 2) made of wraps and sandwiches. I am SICK of wraps and sandwiches! Salads always work, but then I get tired of that too. Storage is not an issue, there is a refrigerator and microw
  5. Try looking around the internet for "paleo diet". Tons of recipes are out there, the "diet" is mostly very low fodmap.
  6. I have Peterson's sauces, but none of this others. I will look into that. I have not heard of Glorious French Food. Another one to look into.
  7. Awesome websites! Thank you! I want to learn french now so I can read them in french.
  8. I have not posted here in a while and I found this thread. I so very sorry to hear this, much love and condolences to his family. I have enjoyed reading his writings, he will be missed.
  9. Yes, classic French in the sense of the term. Like if I was to go to a classic french cooking school, what kind of education would I get? -> those are the books I want to start cooking and learning from.
  10. One of my favorite things to do is armchair travel and try foods from all over the world, at home. So I got to thinking, what would it take to give myself an education in classic french cooking at home. What kind of books, websites, reading and cooking would I need? I already have a pretty well stocked kitchen pots, pans, knives, etc. But what books would get me there? Thanks in advance for your kind replies!
  11. I went out and bought a brand new cusinart coffee maker. Spent a small fortune for their top of line maker. Four months later I have to send it back because it broke after one cleaning and refuses to brew a full pot of coffee, leaves water in the reservoir. I even followed the directions to a T. Yeah, quality has gone way down these days. Just like customer service.
  12. I have been watching this thread closely while looking for the book. I agree, out of all the different "power bars" I have tried they are mostly vitamin pills with sugar. YUCK! I am going to see if this book is in my local library if not, just buy it. I cannot wait to try some of these recipes! edit to add: That whole blog looks good. Thanks for posting that!
  13. I read through this thread with great delight! I have a mountain of cukes comming out of the garden this time of year and I had no clue what to do with them beyond cuke, tomato, vinegar salad. I love the idea of cuke sammiches, I wonder if smoked salmon on that would be good.
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