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  1. And just in time for my trip to texas this weekend! (You didn't miss anything)
  2. Ah! Finally someone that understands my mind
  3. So *that* is how you poach a decent egg!! Just beautiful! I love poached egg in salad! (runs into the kitchen with egg in hand...)
  4. It amazing to me just how "flexible" the plants actually are. The pepper plants I had flattened by a hail storm have now recovered and I have a small pepper forming on one of them. My cucumber plants are growing almost out of control at this point, but I love it. It is such a joy to go out to the garden to get fresh herbs! I agree, hummingbirdkiss, I don't see how anyone that loves food would not love this!
  5. Oh goody! That produce was amazing! Just beautiful! This is going to be a great week!
  6. CKatCook

    Doritos X-13D

    got it guessed the flavor! it's mountain dew...
  7. I guess it's more the idea of carmel, I admit I did't see the recipe though. But with fish sauce and/or miso, it could work...but I am a sucker for miso anyway.
  8. And just as I spoke so soon....another round of storms came through and flattened my pepper plants! I stood them back up and reinforced the stem with more potting soil. And they were just beginning to flower! URG!
  9. Yes, I am growing only in containers. Water, water, water. Container gardens require a lot of water, esp. if it's a sunny spot. Plants such as tomatoes require a lot of water in the best of circumstances, even more so when planted in containers. If you shop around you can find tomatoes bred specifically for patios (ie. containers). Hardy plants such as herbs need to be watered often or they'll become tough and bitter. Container gardening can be wonderful, despite the challenges. Enjoy! ← I heard, and the advice I was given may be wrong, but if you stick a pencil, or popcycle (sp?) sti
  10. It seems for what is a little effort things are sprouting up all over now! I have no actual tomatos yet, but I have flowers on all my tomato and cucumber plants. I fear I bought the wrong variety of cucumbers for the small containers they are actually in (burpless variety) I have some that are doing well, some not so well. We have had some real good tornadoes around here and the hail on to the porch and damaged some of the plants. Some of the cucumber stems look like bite has been taken out of them where the hail hit them. But they are not dead and continue to grow so I am letting them grow.
  11. I simply don't see in this season one chef in there that I think should be running a high end dining resturant. (I am not a chef, so take my comment with that understanding) I mean. Louross has some talent and could be good, I think Jen is bullying him and he needs to stand up for himself. I don't think Gordon's hair is greasy, I think it takes a lot of product to keep it looking "touseled".
  12. AMEN!! My palette is not as well trained as some here on Egullet, but even I went "gross" to that! I think the right person went home this week. I was getting tired of Dale's poor "sportmanship" when ever he lost. And as an earlier poster said, he never left his comfort zone.
  13. CKatCook

    Doritos X-13D

    I was thiniking the same thing..due to some of the sweetness, I was also thinking key lime something
  14. ok, dumb question time: what's a lardon?
  15. One of my favorite things to make currently, salmon leaks lemon butter a touch of cream Saute the leeks in the butter (use salt, pepper) till wilted and kind of "creamy" looking, add lemon and touch of cream to help thicken the sauce, pour over baked salmon. yum, yum, yum...
  16. I love greek food and have always wanted to learn to make this.
  17. Amen, what is it about that. Normally, you would not see me touch that stuff with a ten foot pole with a condom on it. But man, when it is about "that time" it is very bit of greasy, sugar, fried, fatty I can get my hands on! Then two to four days later I come back to my senses.
  18. My two rather unexperienced cents.... We quit eating like this for the most part because society itself has changed. People placed value on well prepared food. Now a days most of the people I know go for fast food. And its a shame really. As I was eating lunch at my desk today, like I do many days, I was pondering the idea of how nice it would be to just get out and actually SIT somewhere and EAT a decent meal with REAL forks during the day. Unfortunately for myself and most my co-works that is something that rarely happens. And I think our collective health has suffered for it (Here in the US
  19. The problem I have always had with these cookbooks are that the recipes never seem to come out as you would expect, or they use alot of processed stuff I just don't eat. Do you know of a good one out of what Amazon had listed there?
  20. Wow..these are great ideas! I do the roast chicken thing all the time and I love it that way. I forget about frittatas, but they are always delish! dockhl ~ do you have a recipe for the souffle?
  21. Well, it has been a while now and my little garden project is coming along and a lot easier then I thought it would be. My cucumbers, however are not doing so well. The plants I put in individual pots are fine (these are burpless cucumbers) but the ones I planted in a row in a window box style container are not doing well at all and I may have to pull them up. The yellow pepper plants are coming along, but I am noticing sections of the leaves missing. I put sevin dust on them (I am not trying to go organic here, not until I learn more) but the leaves are looking like someone took a bit out of
  22. I am always experimenting around with my cooking, as most of us on this board are I think. This week I am on a mission to come up with meals that have 3-5 ingredients (not including salt and pepper or any type of cooking oil) but are fantastic. Not just good, like some recipes that claim to only have 5 ingredients and those are some icky-something but really good. Any ideas? so far spagetti carbonara is coming to mind.... Pasta, bacon, eggs, parmesan. Thanks!
  23. Why did I think of that?? Dam! Ok, its been smores, a bowl of cereal at midnight, roast chicken (no sides, just the chicken) and more cereal...
  24. Wow, ok, I missed the freezer tip as well. That is very good tip, the only miso I can get around here is in big containers and I never use the whole thing -- ever-- so it sits there. I am going to go throw it out now. Thanks!
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