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  1. Last nights show was interesting. Was I the only one wondering to myself what that mother must have paid to make that happen? I don't think the menu's were appropreiate for a sweet 16 and the choice to send home the person who was sent home was correct.
  2. I do what I can to buy local when I can, but (and I cringe as I admit this), I think of it like this some one would purchase the stuff if I didn't and what would happen to all the people that would be out of jobs if we all stopped purchasing those items. I have been making a real effort to do is stop wasting. *that* alone is a big problem, IMO. I also started a container garden on my porch so that I can grow some of my own veggies and stop purchasing mass produced stuff for the sake of pesticides and other chemicals that is on produced these days.
  3. How long can you safely store Miso in the refrigerator before it goes bad? Thank you!
  4. Thank you, for the link. I posted the comment and then I scrolled down. It seems like most ramen recipes I looked up on the internet there was not as many ingredients and I would have expected to see for a dish that looks (to the untrained, mind you) eye. That is what I mean by few, as in number of, ingredients.
  5. I would to have a really good ramen recipe. I understand it is one of those foods that have a few ingredients but is really hard to get right. But if someone knows I good one I would appreciate having it. Thanks!
  6. I like Jen, I think she is strong competitor and cook, but I think in the end her ego is going to get in the way. Louross I think could take it, so could what's her name that was nominated, (I can't remember now, sorry) It seems the women's team are picking the nominees for very catty reasons and Ramsey is pick up on it.
  7. Ok, I finally got to watch the last episode. I think that was 10 bucks a person. There is no way I could go into a store and for 10 bucks get what they got. No way. And I don't shop in a whole foods.
  8. I have not checked the stores here in the southern US for rice, but I know it seems everytime I go to the store I buy less and less and it cost more and more. I may go get a bag or two, just in case. My hubby and I eat a lot of rice. Just was I posted this there was a segment on the today show (a morning news program here in the US) that stated that due to weather conditions around the world, and the production of ethnal (sp?) that grain in general is becoming in short supply. -> I don't know how accurate that story was, though
  9. That's handy to know, I would think the salt and vinegar in the brine would do the opposite. I am beginning to think they pick people that would make GR twist off. I mean, last season when (I cannot remember her name, but she won the show) burnt her hand she ran over and stuck it in water, then went to the doctor. It seem every season they try to play up what went down well last season. But I agreed with who went home this week.
  10. I don't understand who they sent home either. It seems the polish sausage not being in the dish means they didn't even follow instructions, therefore should be heading on out the door. So far Richard has my vote to win this thing.
  11. I have never been to the iron star, but I have been to jamils and it is good. Now, I will agree with them on the cheesecake factory. The red moon I think has closed and a spot for tea I never been to, way too "girly" for me. (why does tea equal women in big hats?) but that is just my humble opinion
  12. Hey Chris I am loving the blog! So you are taking the plunge and going down here okie way! Congrats! Yes, we are in region 7 and the gardening here is good I will admit.
  13. yep, my hubby and I just planned our vacation around the resturants... Yeah baby!!
  14. I watched the show and was shocked at the lack of quality of the cooks - I can't say chef. Man, do they pick the worse of the worse to see Gordon Ramsey flip out? I think the tossing the cookies thing was fake, personally. Wouldn't anyone have barfed after that combo of entree? I cannot believe the people that say "he (meaning Gordon Ramsey) don't know what he is doing/talking about". It's almost too painful...
  15. Well, for those of us that live in the US, Hell's Kitchen starts on Fox tonight. I always look forward to the yelling around for some reason and this season looks to be particularly good. Is anyone else watching?
  16. I love greens, any kind of greens. Cooked with a little olive oil, onions, garlic, smoked turkey neck bone (cooked and de-boned) with broth, a touch of vinegar. Oh man, I can eat the tar out of greens!
  17. I have always in enjoyed the simplicity of tea cakes. But I am also a huge sugar cookie fan. Sometimes simple is better...
  18. I have a curiosity question, what's wrong with Hershy's chocolate? I want to just get some cheap stuff to practice with and don't want to wait for an order to come in and there are 1 pound blocks on sale here. I know it's not the "good stuff", so how would I have to adjust the recipe? PS, I am going to break down and order a marble block from sur la table after a month of rejection on the phone...LOL
  19. One of the reasons I like EGullet is because it celebrates food. It seems here in the US we are always being guilted about what we eat, how we eat, and frankly I get sick of it. I know I am overweight, I don't need reminding. I love food, I love to eat and eat well and really, EG has helped with that. Reading Mizducky's experiences inspires me to try portion control, and the cooking threads give me good ideas. I don't think EG has any responsibly at all to teach people how to lose weight. I think if the medical community came out with more information on what actually works and how to go abou
  20. I don't do South Beach, but fwiw, I don't believe it's a fad diet in the same sense the grapefruit diet or cabbage soup diet might be. If you do the reading, by the time you finish all the stages, you're eating a reasonable diet, with emphasis on "good carbs" (whole grains, etc.), and lean proteins. It's much more balanced than, for example, Atkins. I still prefer WW, but the most important thing is to find something that works for you, then stick with it. If you (general "you") don't at least try, you'll never succeed. ← What's fwiw? I guess because it came from a book store that I am
  21. I have been watching this thread with some interest in the past day or so and have gotten through all 3 pages. Great discussion! Its intersting to hear people that don't think of food as the enemy to talk about this and what everyone does individually. And I think that is the key, it's so individual you are not going to come up with ONE answer that fits everyone. Myself, I am overweight, almost 40 and very concerned about it. When I discussed this with my doctor the only answer I got was "don't worry, your cholesterol is a little high, I called in statins already" he phoned in the statins befo
  22. Gave up and went to KFC last night and I am still on the fried chicken today. And biscuits.
  23. Stunning! What a wonderful memorial!
  24. Well, its that time again and this month it is anything cinnamon. Cinnamelts from Mickey D's, cinnamon (Lots) in oatmeal, panera cinnamon chips scones chased down with a cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks and fried chicken. Go figure..... but if I don't get some fried chicken soon you will see me on the evening news. A story about women who held up a KFC, all she wanted was the chicken. (I am trying to diet because summer draws near, I am not holding out hope for the next few days)
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