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  1. I made this honey whole wheat, with (I don't have the recipe in front of me, I am sad to say) milk, honey, butter, a combo of bread flour and whole wheat. I used rapid rise yeast instead of compressed yeast. I could not find compressed yeast ANYWHERE I looked so I went with the rapid rise. it came out really dense and then I realized anytime I try to make bread with the rapid rise it does not rise as much and the bread comes out real dense and heavy. It does not have the light "airy" texture. It almost has a cake like texture. I realize with out a recipe this may be hard to analyize, but coul
  2. I use the real old fashioned oats, and put a couple Tablespoons of cherry pie fillling in it. (but only on days I am feeling decandant) other days its toast dope..
  3. I am certainly going to get my hands on this one....
  4. I hope this post makes it!!! I have been trying to post a picture here for a solid hour! Sorry the picture is so dark, I am still fighting with my camera and lighting... I used butter in the crust, and only a little sugar and cinnamon in the filling... I smells soooooo good.... edit to add: Yeah!!! I did it!!! I got a picture to post!!!!
  5. I saw that picture of Chufi's apple pie and and it is beautiful! I think I will try that mix of braeburns and granny smith, mostly braeburns. I have been wondering, has anyone tried a making their pie crust with lard?? I never heard of vodka...I just may have to try that...
  6. CKatCook

    Top Chef

    I saw the whole series and while I am not by any stretch a chef, Dale's food just looked better to me. I thought the chocolate cake at the end of Hung's meal should have lost it for him. A fantastic meal, then you end it with something so everyday....
  7. It didn't feel like a Top Chef rip off to me. In fact, I kept wishing Top Chef had done great challenges like this rather than some of the ridiculously inane ones they did with insufficient resources. I think the one thing that IC was clear about was that they were looking for someone who could project a personal identity, style and "voice" with their food. TC didn't appear to be as much about skill as it did about playing a game with an often bazaar set of parameters. IC is pretty straightforward. I loved watching the chefs break down the raw components, and I loved that they docked them
  8. I got the 9-5 job thing going on today, so nothings baking. But yesterday I made form the King Author Flour Baking Companion, Cheese Pennies, Cranberrie Orange Biscotti, Cinnamon Nut Coffee Ring. MMMMMMMMM.....they were so good......
  9. Oh man, I knew I should have checked here before all the baking I did today....while eating apples..... Oh well.... I can't find Northern Spy apples anywhere around here and I hear they make the best pies. I usually do braeburns (or however you spell them) I tried an all granny smith last week that didn't turn out too good in the filling. I cannot seem to get the spice right.
  10. I am very much a newbie on the baking scene, whats a detrempe? if its an extra layer of dough, that would have been a very good idea!
  11. Chef - you pretty much follow the method I follow except I had my butter COLD, not cool. I think that was the difference. I was surprised using margarine in this didn't effect the taste more. Normally I detest the thought of using the stuff, but it turned out pretty good. So good in fact what I normally give away to co-workers, my hubby demanded I leave at home this time....! Thank you everyone for your wise and wonderful help!
  12. Thank you, Thank you! The book gives the reason for the margarine being that it makes a flakier pastry in the end. What I wound up doing is just want you suggested, going forward with it, folding it in thirds rolling a little, chill again, repeat. And by that time all the margarine was worked into the dough. I now have them formed and they are rising. So I will see when I bake them how they come out....If I can get my camera to work I will post a pictures (I doubt it though, I have been fighting with that camera for ages now....LOL)
  13. cold from the refrigerater like the directions said....
  14. My loving hubby bought me this book called "the professional pastry chef" and I have been baking and baking away. I decided today to try my hand at danish pastry. So I formed the margarine square, the recipe called for margarine not butter, formed my dough around the square, sealed it in, and rolled carefully as the book said, the problem? there is big blobs of margarine in my dough now....is that normal? they are still there after several turns of the dough and it is in the refrige now for chilling....the blobs are still there.... thanks!!
  15. oh crap...now I have to go make doughnuts !!!! all these wonderful pictures has me wanting some....
  16. thank you everyone for your great replies. While learning all about duck, and cooking duck...before I actually purchase one, I went to a local chinese place and had some duck. It was wonderful..although the taste was a bit like a real gamey chicken. The meat was rich, and moist! I was expecting the texture of chicken, so I was surprised. As soon as I cook one, I will take pictures and find this thread. Thank you!!! edit to add: I have been reading recipes on epicurious and they say to salt the duck the day before you use it....why would you do that??
  17. CKatCook

    Hot weather cooking

    Here in the southern part of the US it has been about unbearable lately. My solution...my crock pot! It does not heat the house, I can make enough for two nights. Rotessorie (sp?) chicken from the grocery store, deboned and made into tacos, quesadillas, my rice cooker will not heat up the house, so I can make rice. Between that, cold cereal and eating out, grill out (too hot for even that lately!) sandwhiches, saleds. That is about it in this heat. (the crock pot is only when we get sick of eating out, sandwhiches, saleds, cold cereal. edit to add: Also, it is not uncommon to see me up at 5
  18. I have never had duck...ever, so I don't have good way to have it or a way I have enjoyed it. This is truely my first time ever. These recipes are fantastic! I can't wait to get cooking now...
  19. CKatCook

    Chicken Skin

    ok...where do you live again?? (just kidding of course) I eat them after cooking. And here I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do that!
  20. After a lengthy hunt for duck, I finally found a butcher here in town that keeps fresh duck and I am think of dropping what is a small fortune for one. 5-6 lbs, whole, about 20 bucks. My question is, for my first duck -> ever -> I would like to do something fantastic. What recipe would you give a duck newbie??? Thanks!
  21. I would be very grateful of that. I would love to cook lobster, but I am concerned about that one thing.
  22. I really want to try lobster, (I mean cooking it on my own) but I am so worried the poor thing is suffering terribly during the process. Can someone tell me if the poor little guys are in pain or not? (Yes, as an old animal rights activist I worry about this, but I do love a good lobster. Go figure.)
  23. Although I mostly lurk here I am saddened to hear of the news. I too would have loved to have had the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time.
  24. Hmmm...good question, lets see, lettuce, milk, herbs, and for some reason bottled roasted red peppers...go figure
  25. Hello Everyone! I have been posting and read, posting and reading on this board for some time now and I have decided to "put my money where my mouth is", so to speak, and really begin to training my palate and educated myself about good gourmet cooking. Currently I consider myself a pretty fair cook. Give me a recipe, I can make it, I have a good general working knowlege of ingredients. But certain things just elude me, things that would be considered "fine dining" or "the next level" like, tuffle oil, wine pairings, when certain stuff is in season, never had fois gras, things like that (am I
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