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The complexity of Thai food

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dude, are you in the US now?

Yes I am!

In blistering cold Cleveland with a foot of snow already and more on the way!

And Thompson's book along with the 23 others I have ordered are keeping me very busy.

Now back to Thai food!

Kristin Wagner, aka "torakris"


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oblig topical comment:  i love this thompson book.  i refer to it just about every weekend, if not to cook then to just browse.  mine's falling apart already.  actually, the binding was broke when i got it.  is anyone else having this problem?

Informationally speaking, it's a great book. As an artifact, it's a piece of junk. Mine hasn't actually fallen apart yet, but it feels like it's going to any second, which is kind of worse.

I'd say that all others pale in significance except one: Joe Cummings's World Food Thailand. I have a feeling eGulleters are missing out on this incredible book because it's not shelved with cookbooks.

Matthew Amster-Burton, aka "mamster"

Author, Hungry Monkey, coming in May

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