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Real Mexican Food(tm)

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I have seen the terms "real" or "authentic" Mexican food thrown around like so much culinary confetti on this thread.

Folks in the East, especially the former USSR, are absolutely enamored with American Food. They find it at McDonalds®.

Would you agree that there is no such thing as "authentic" Mexican cuisine, short of committing a home invasion down South?

Don Moore

Nashville, TN

Peace on Earth

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If not impossible, then certainly overrated.

No where is this more apparent than on your first trip to Mexico.

Guess what? Some authentic Mexican food tastes awful. Some of it makes you sick.

Yes, Mexico has one of the world's greatest cuisines.

But the Mexican-Americans who adapted their home food to the local ingredients and the tastes of their customers in the United States aren't the villians they have been made out to be by Diana Kennedy and company.

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