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Vietnamese Restaurants in New Jersey

Jason Perlow

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I've got another one to add to the list - Pho Anh Dao, 1483 Rt. 27 South, Somerset, NJ 08837 (732) 246 1788. I came upon this place by accident this past Saturday. It was a cold and rainy day and a hot bowl of pho really hit the spot.

Here's another vote for Pho Anh Dao- if you're stuck in the Princeton area and find yourself beset with a sudden pho craving, this place is probably your closest remedy. A pretty humble little place, but the pho and the spring rolls are both good.


al wang

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for the most part i've found TC's horrible.  it's minutes from my house and i never consider it.

We're always seeking out vietnamese places because we love it. Mostly go to NYC, OR Montclair but wanted something closer.

TC'S we found disappointing. Although the place itself is nicer than most of them we've been to, the prices are probably twice as much . Maybe we're not ordering right, but what we like usually, we didn't love here.

In Spring Valley, just across the border from where we live in N.J. we found a gem of a place Its called VIETNAM restaurant, you take chestnut ridge rd all the way down thru the town of Spring Valley and eventually come to it on the right.

Its a small little storefront, tiny place but the food was authentic and just wonderful.

We had the most delicious crispy crepe stuffed with beansprouts and shrimp, they serve it with curly lettuce leaves, fresh mint and a nice sauce. You wrap this all together and it is pure heaven! And so light. Then an outrageous wonton soup vietnamese style which is much lighter and flavorful then the chinese version.

Then we each had a bowl of rice noodles mine with honey glazed chicken, my hubs with pork. Served with slivers of cucumber, marinated carrot slivers, crushed peanuts and some sauce and herbs on the side. Yummy.

Oh and the shrimp spring or summer rolls were great too.l

All in all we were very happy and couldn't eat dinner last nt. This was a great lunch.

We also got a take out of their papaya salad for our vegan kid at home and it was very nice and different.

Fresh, flavorful and everything was so light and didn't make u sick with heavy sauces and msg and all that crap.

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Sadly, Little Saigon in Montclair has closed. The solid food was not enough to combat the remote location and subpar service.

I'm not shocked by this. The times I went to lunch and chatted with the owner were usually times of sparse crowds. Of the several times I'd asked him how business was going he did not seem optimistic.

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The owners of Little Saigon have re-opened as Huong Viet at 358 Passaic Ave in Nutley.

Ate there least weekend and I was pleased with dinner, but this was my first Vietnamese meal so....

"Someone" has some nice pics on their website...and my Facebook has some also


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just found out one of my patrons, who kindly made an outstanding bun bo hue for me, is really good friends with the owner of viet ai. if they cook pho anything like her i have got to get me there.

on a recent trip to morristown noticed a place on 10E near rt 53 called Lemongrass. it bills itself as viet/thai and the menu does represent it. stopped to get some take out and got the house special pho with tendon, tripe and two kinds of beef. a medium order was a quart of lightly cinnamon scented beef broth, thai basil, a small container of sauces - one hot, one reminded me of hoisin, the meats, lime, sliced jalapenos, bean sprouts and cilantro. driving back to the arsenal to check the bird boxes was killing me. i was literally drooling from the scent of the broth. this 6.00 plus tax find gave me 4 servings.

have to go back to pick up the hardware for my kitchen cabinets soon - hopefully on friday - am planning to try another version and maybe something else. can't wait.


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Thanks for that tip, Suzi! I grew up right near there and still have friends in the area; will have to give it a try.

I'll add that I think the pho at Viet Ai is terrific. I also love the food I've had over multiple meals at Huong Viet, which (I'm almost afraid to say it) may have finally dealt with their service issues! If you get there, don't miss the pork in caramel sauce (a casserole dish)! :wub:

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