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  1. viet ai 189 ridgedale ave, florham park nj been there about 50 times in the past 2 years good stuff their rice dishes arent so good...no broken rice... but the pho is pretty solid...
  2. and if you search for masa harina theres some nice egullet threads on it... the tortilla making thread is good too i was looking for a tortilla press today... fish tacos mmm
  3. where did you guys get your kombucha starters from? im in NJ anyone want to mail me one of their starter =)
  4. twobrain


    thats not real chinese food... looks good though
  5. thanks, thats sad... im going to try to head over there after work... get out at 11pm im up at 68th though... gah
  6. does ssam really open until 2am? their website says 12am
  7. been going here almost once a week now, the past 3 months their pho is amazing, the broth is amazing their rice dishes arent so great ive been to bien ho and the other viet restaurant across from mary me down in edison a bajillion times, and the the pork chop over rice down near edison is much better but the pho at viet ai is amazinggggggggg i work in upper east side and the pho up here is so weak in comparison =D the place isnt that big, and we've only had to wait around a few times...
  8. i dont remember what ive had there other than the spicey beef noodle soup i think its the ma la niu ro mien
  9. twobrain

    oxtail soup

    yeah ... 90 minutes... oxtail... the longer the better try 4-8 hours
  10. twobrain

    Smoking a Turkey

    375 for 5 hours!? did you brine it?
  11. Horrors! What would be the point? Actually in surfing the internet I've found many, many Korean recipes for kimchi that include some sugar. I've never used it when I make my own though. ← when you let the kimchee ferment, youre letting the lactic acid producing bacteria thats found on the cabbage break down the starch/sugars in the cabbage, adding sugar gives the bacteria a little help... a head start on reproducing kimchee and sauerkraut are suppose to be good for you cause 1. theyve broken down the vitamins/minerals for you, making it easier to absorb 2. maintains proper colonization of the gut mmm kimchee protects chickens from avian flu didnt use this as a reference... but wiki is awesome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchee
  12. http://www.kimchi.or.kr/eng/about/history.html fairly comprehensive kimchee site
  13. i'm an american born chinese... ive never really seen anyone ask for soy and mustard at a chinese restaurant before maybe at dimsum, people will ask for la jiao (chili paste) and mustard... at dinner, maybe la jiao and vinegar, the black kind, shanghai vinegar? but not very often, and i guess it depends on what else youve ordered eh... mass produced non fermented soy sauce is scary anyhow thats near the zoo right? i know the owner's kids, only been there once though for dimsum i think you just answered your own question, or pre-answered it most asian people probably woudlnt order the wonton or the hot sour soup havent had soup at a chinese restaurant in a long time, either cantonese or shanhai restaurants... usually got some sort of winter melon soup some restaurant give you free "soup" usually just some sort of stock that they made with left over bones... but its usually good
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