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  1. Elmhurst eateries

    I don't really like raw shrimp, but I know it's traditional.
  2. Hi, everybody. I have friends who are getting married on a Friday in June. They want a Manhattan location with a separate room or area where they could have the ceremony and might hire a keyboard player. They might have around 30 people and might want the room for about 3 hrs. Bonus for a liquor license, though as long as they can have some bubbly poured, they’re cool with bringing it themselves. I should say they’re not definitely set on Cantonese, but they want a cuisine that’s not primarily spicy, so I think Cantonese (or Shanghainese, if there were any really good Shanghainese banquet places in Manhattan, but I don’t know of any) would work well. Italian would undoubtedly please them, too, but I know it’s more expensive. The groom doesn’t love seafood, but he’s not too particular, otherwise, and I believe the bride does like seafood. So I think anyplace that’s primarily non-spicy, serves good food (even if he’s not particular, some of his guests will be) and serves a good variety of items will do nicely, providing their other criteria are met. Unfortunately, they’re not very familiar with private room costs, and I don’t have a clear idea of what their budget is, but money might be somewhat of an object.
  3. Bali Kitchen

    Looks like a good value. I've passed by the place and picked up their takeout menu. It looks like they actually have several specifically Balinese dishes on their menu, which is unusual in New York. Too bad they have no babi guling, though. :-)
  4. Elmhurst eateries

    I really have no idea. Boon Chu was totally unexceptional.
  5. Elmhurst eateries

    Looks like we've settled on Boon Chu. One of my friends says he got raw food at Ayada. Probably a freak occurrence, but I can understand how that could be off-putting.
  6. Elmhurst eateries

    I don't think I've ever been to Ayada before. Do you have some favorite dishes there?
  7. Elmhurst eateries

    Good thought, thanks.
  8. Elmhurst eateries

    Hi, everyone. A couple of friends of mine want to have dinner in Elmhurst on Monday. One of them goes to Coco all the time but wants to go to another place, and the other one proposed Eim Khao Mun Kai, but they serve only Hainanese chicken rice and I'm on a low-carb diet, so though I could cheat a little, a specifically rice dinner is a little much for me right now. Do you have any favorite places in Elmhurst, with a preference for places that have some good vegetable dishes or sides, among other dishes?
  9. My girlfriend and I love Cull & Pistol, the Lobster Place's restaurant in Chelsea Market: https://lobsterplace.com/pages/restaurant-welcome Wonderful fresh fish and seafood and delicious dishes. If you decide to go, I could give you some recommendations, though their menu changes. The way my girlfriend and I dine there is to share a small item (a "snack" or something like a single uni), an app, a main and a side. The restaurant is a bit at close quarters, but that's really the only down side. Going in a different direction, if you like yakitori, you can go to Yakitori Totto: http://www.tottonyc.com/ Get there just before opening time, so you won't have much of a wait, or show up when you like, give them your cellphone number and have some drinks at the Irish bar across the street while you're waiting. If you avoid sake at Yakitori Totto, you will be very easily under $75/person and might pay that amount or less for both of you. If you do go, I can give you recommendations - lots of them. Most items are excellent, but not everything, and some are particularly good.
  10. How many are in your party, and do you care what neighborhood or type of cuisine you'll have? What day, too?
  11. Unbalanced in what way?
  12. Definitely. Shipping will cost more.
  13. We could always increase our scope some time later.
  14. The best palm sugar that I know is Malaysian, but I don't know who in particular makes it. Maple syrup is widely available and I wouldn't think of carrying it. I don't know how easy it is to find coconut sugar, nationwide.