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  1. There are a couple of issues. First, the market for hot sauce subscription boxes is saturated, and the market for snack subscription boxes is also probably saturated, but no-one's tried to market a mixed subscription box including both. Second, it's expensive to get this kind of business started, and I think that subscribers are likely to find 2 hot sauces and 3 snacks, if we can swing that, a better value than 3 hot sauces, for a couple of reasons: First, they'll simply be more products. Second, even if we deliver quarterly, a lot of people won't finish 3 hot sauces before the next delivery c
  2. haresfur, I love that kind of product! This brand has heavy penetration into the U.S. market already, though, quite widely available on Amazon. BeeZee, the idea of regional pairing is surely interesting. At this point, though, I'd be perfectly satisfied with having a year's worth of artisanal snacks with a spicy or savory aspect of their taste to include with hot sauces. As long as the products are special, that would be enough to satisfy me and I figure it would be enough to satisfy customers. To give you all some idea: I think that we normally wouldn't include product
  3. A Singaporean snack manufacturer also thought it was discordant because she kept thinking I was suggesting dipping her vegetable chips in hot sauce (I am not), but my feeling is that you don't eat the snacks with the hot sauce. Snacks are something you can start eating right away when you open the subscription box, and the hot sauce is something you use with whatever you're cooking or a number of things you might be ordering in. Interesting idea that I need a different descriptor, and definitely worth considering. I will bring this up with my partner. I'm not sure whether we need a
  4. Hi, everybody! I hope all of you are well and coping well in these crazy times! md8232, thanks for asking, and I'm sorry for the late answer. We still have yet to start sales. I’ll cut to the chase and then give more of an update. The short version is that we are now looking to launch as a snacks-and-hot-sauce subscription box company, and therefore, I would love your recommendations of snacks with a pretty long shelf life (so not goods that you pick up at your local bakery and eat the same day - think at least around 9 months’ shelf life before opening) that you
  5. I didn't find Lan Larb as dependable in a couple of visits, I think because I didn't see her there, and the waiters I had didn't really take me seriously enough when I said I wanted the food spicy. When it isn't spicy enough, it becomes unbalanced - too salty and/or sweet.
  6. Pan

    Le Sia

    I was there within 2 weeks or so after this place opened in the former location of the late, lamented Surma. I thought it was pretty good but wasn't blown away. However, based on your report and some other things I've been reading, I think especially since it's so close to where I live, I should give it another shot or two.
  7. Pan


    Thanks a lot for the report! So sad that I'm strictly low-carbing, so no curry puffs for a while!
  8. Larb Ubol was my favorite Thai restaurant in Manhattan. The friendly chef/owner had previously been at Zabb Elee in the East Village. My girlfriend and I went there to go to dinner tonight, only to find it closed. I did a search and found this article in Grub Street from Nov. 2, 2018: Do any of you have any more current information on whether or where she might reopen? Also, when I did a web search under Ratchanee's name, I found information about a class action suit by former employees who basically accuse her of making them work overtime and stiffing them. The
  9. Wait, only "more than 50 years ago"? I'm 54, and I had the impression that the foldable pizza slice had existed in New York forever when I was a little kid. Doesn't it go back to some time in the 20s or 30s or something?
  10. Well, there is just a little bit of content there. But until we decide whether that'll really be our name, we probably won't add more.
  11. Our Facebook page is very embryonic at this point. Let me know if this link, which is coming up for me, works for you: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceSeeker-2523862607643172/?modal=admin_todo_tour I just got a strange error message from eGullet: "The link could not be embedded because there is no status at that URL." Anyway, we might or might not keep that company name.
  12. Hi, everyone! I'm way overdue for an update. First, I want to tell you all a little about the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, which my brother/partner and I attended in January. It was exhausting but not nearly to the extent of the way larger show last summer in New York, and it helped a lot that the two of us were working together this time. It was interesting to see the trends in the food industry. There are a lot of products now that are low-sugar or have no sugar added, including hot sauces and jams, organic is in, and there was also an emphasis on gluten-free products from purvey
  13. Oh my God, I'm just seeing this! I am - or I guess I have to say was - a Facebook friend of Katie's, but somehow, the brutal algorithms of that site kept the news from me. I considered Katie a friend. This is just so painful.
  14. Hi, everyone! Of course I'm a longtime member of eGullet and greatly value this site, but I do use other food discussion sites, too: for example, the Chowhound spinoffs Hungry Onion and Food Talk Central, which currently have a bit more discussion of New York restaurants than eGullet's New York Forum. I also used to use Chowhound before it became rather dead following the last reorganization, and used to value it for its former focus on cheap eats. In addition to eGullet, what other forums do you like, and why? Also, do you know of any good forums that specifically focus on hot sauces or other
  15. Hi, everyone! I'm probably overdue for an update, so here it is! From Saturday, June 30 - Monday, July 2, I attended the Fancy Food Show at the humongous Javits Center in far west Midtown Manhattan. It was an immense show, and I spent a few hours on the first day and 7 hours apiece at the show on the second and third days. There was huge international representation. For example, in the Italian section, which occupied two rows and then some, Cascina San Cassiano was one of the most outstanding vendors. I must have tried a dozen sauces and jams they make, and none of the
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