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  1. Ingredients via Internet

    I'll look into it. Thanks for thinking of me, Jo.
  2. Hi, everybody! I'm thinking of starting a business selling great condiments that are hard to find. Do you have any favorite condiments that you have trouble finding near where you live? I'm looking for hot sauces, chili pastes, or other ready-to-use condiments like non-perishable barbecue sauces, salsas and chutneys that aren't mass-produced or normally found in supermarkets, and have a fairly long shelf life until they're opened. Secondarily, I would also be interested in products that can be used in cooking, such as spice rubs or other seasonings. Any information you can give me about the names of products, what they are and what makes them special, the name of the manufacturer and their address or at least the name of the town where they're produced, and their website, if they have one (though if they have no web presence, that's great!) would be really helpful to me in researching more products that could meet my high standards. It doesn't matter what country the items are from; if they're great and don't require refrigeration before opening, I'm interested.
  3. Great, liuzhou! A question about Sriracha: The kind we usually have in the U.S. is manufactured by Hoy Fong in Rosemead, California. Have you compared the Sriracha sauce from Sriracha with the Hoy Fong Sriracha sauce? Also, what brand makes the Thai Ginger Sauce? Is the brand name really "As Delicate As Thai Performing Arts"? If so, my web searching skills may need work to get a useful result.
  4. I'm a big fan of Angel's Envy and Templeton Reserve Rye, myself. :-) Thanks for the info, andie.
  5. It can't be considered a condiment, but do you have a favorite producer? I do speak French pretty well in practice and can write in French. Thanks for the link, which I'll have a look at.
  6. Thanks a lot, Jo! Is it not possible to purchase the vinegar directly from the producer? http://www.martin-pouret.com/en/contact Maybe that requires an importation license, something we would obviously need if we intend to do wholesale trade from foreign countries.
  7. Yes, I plan to ship to Canada, too.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, anomalii and Jo; I'll see what I can do. Jo, what's special about that red wine vinegar in particular?
  9. Thanks a lot, haresfur.
  10. Anna, all of you are helping me make preparations to start this business, and I will certainly continue to post while I continue to do research and get this off the ground. andiesenji, thanks a lot for the link. Australian $145/kg isn't cheap, but how long would it take you to use up that amount? I see they're currently out of stock in that, but they do have the extract: https://cherikoff.net/shop/product/wattleseed-extract-1kg/. Would you use that, or do you prefer the powder? haresfur, I don't think I would want to sell a product that might be dangerous for children. But in terms of wattle seed, would you trust the safety of the product Vic Cherikoff is selling? https://cherikoff.net/shop/product/wattleseed-1kg/
  11. Anna, thanks for the quick response and for helping me avoid going in the wrong direction. Of course there are passion fruits, too, which I'm quite familiar with (they are wonderful in Hawaii!), but I knew you didn't mean those.
  12. Anna, could you describe these a little? I don't think I've had passion berries before. Do you find this description accurate? Are the ones you have dried? What do you use them for? Also, how is Timur pepper different from other varieties?
  13. andiesenji, which company have you ordered wattleseed from? Can you compare the taste to anything else you've tried? I hope I can find a jam like the one you described.
  14. You're right. The neighborhood was rough, dangerous and gritty, but it was integrated ethnically and in terms of income, and families and non-rich single people could afford to live there.
  15. To nyctc7: Nedick's was on the northwest corner of 97th and Broadway, and I remember from my early childhood that they had artificially red grape drink and artificially orange orange drink. They were definitely not "long gone" in 1973, and I think they hung on until the mid-to-late 70s, then the place was empty for a couple of years, and then (I think after several businesses that lasted only a few months at a time) there was a Korean-owned bar/lunch counter that had a separate little room with video games. I went there often in the late 70s to play Dig Dug. I lived a block away, on 97th and West End.
  16. First, congratulations, and may you have a long and happy marriage! I saw your post on Food Talk Central. You want to spend no more than $65.00-70.00 per person. That can be pretty difficult with large groups in New York, especially if that figure includes alcohol. Also, if the ceremony will be at the restaurant, are you looking for a private room or looking to rent out the entire restaurant? My general feeling is, if your guests are OK with going far south in Brooklyn (e.g., Sheepshead Bay), you'll have a better chance at getting something old-school that's not expensive. I'm not so knowledgeable about this, but I had a very good lunch a few years ago at Vesuvio in Bensonhurst. They're not so cheap but my lunch was certainly less than $65 including a glass of wine and tip but excluding dessert. I'm not sure how much seating they have, but I thought the place had charm. I hope you get some good recommendations.
  17. Thanks a lot for the additional information and ideas. You folks really know some interesting stuff.
  18. Anna, do you have any idea where the person who gave these to you sourced them?
  19. Does anyone have any other suggestions of products for me to look at?
  20. I guess I don't get why the companies don't just charge somewhat more, so as to make enough profit for it to be worth their while.
  21. Kerry, is Cedarvale the name of the brand and/or place where it's manufactured? Smithy, I love wild rice. I don't know if that would be the kind of thing I'd initially sell, but I love the idea of promoting a great Native American product!
  22. Yes, I would plan to do so. Lots of details remain to be worked out, but I think that may end up being one of the less difficult ones. Why do so many sites not ship to Canada?
  23. I had to look that up. A wild pepper from Madagascar. What's great about it, and who do you get it from?
  24. haresfur, I want to make clear that I'm also interested in particularly great spices or spice mixtures. Kenneth, I'm very much aware that Kalustyan's is not a bargain store. Dual has much better deals, though Kalustyan's has a wider selection. That Malaysian curry paste sounds like it gets used up too quickly to be the kind of product I currently want to carry, though I'd be interested to try using it myself and I'm glad it's available in New York. I'm glad to have the mustard recommendations and will look into them further.
  25. Thank you, Cronker. I'm not expecting those items to be among the first products I would carry, but I'll keep them in mind. Where have you found good bulk buys?