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  1. Those pies were fantastic! Basically, they had deep fried the pies at "home," then flash froze them. They reheated them in ovens onsite. Really nice people. Did not bring enough pies.
  2. I disagree, it was served differently from Mitchell's, but I enjoyed the variety. Bigger chunks of hog, bleneded well with the slaw, and I felt that their sauce was superb. Just a tasty spicy variation. I got a nice hearty portion.
  3. I disagree. Tried the Montclair location a week or so ago. I went with the BBQ Bacon burger w/o cheese. I found that the larger size of the burger actually allowed them to create a juicier product than that served at Five Guys. Certainly not an epic burger, but I found it to be superior to Five Guys. Not to mention a little more creativity as well. That being said, the Five Guys fries are far superior. Since Amazing Hot Dog closed in Verona, there are no twice cooked fries to be found in this area, so I'm excited for the Montclair Five Guys to open. The fries at Smashburger are certainly decent. Their Smashfries have a super rosemary flavor, and you really have to like rosemary to enjoy them, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed. They just don't get that crispness that you can only obtain with a twice fried product. Certainly both Five Guys and Smashburger are putting out a superior product to a McDonalds/Burger King, etc. If you're doing fast food and the actual burger is your priority Smashburger is superior. If you're a fries lover go with Five Guys.
  4. Sadly, Little Saigon in Montclair has closed. The solid food was not enough to combat the remote location and subpar service. I'm not shocked by this. The times I went to lunch and chatted with the owner were usually times of sparse crowds. Of the several times I'd asked him how business was going he did not seem optimistic.
  5. I saw the Munchmobile outside of Holsten's in Bloomfield today. Now I've read that they're combing the state for the best ice cream sundaes today. All the folks aboard looked super-psyched.
  6. I went a few months ago. It wasn't anything special. The chef was nice enough, but the food was nothing better than fine.
  7. Do they have a website? Had I only waited a minute... http://www.irvings-deli.com/Home.html
  8. My sister lives on the border of Marlton and Cherry Hill, and we used to go to Olga's when we visited. She's lived there for close to 15 years, and Olga's is just not as good a diner now as it was when she first moved there. It's a shame, as it's such a great location.
  9. hitmanoo


    My office is right down the street from Stamna, and I was apprehensive about a new restaurant coming to that area. There have been several restaurants to occupy that location since I started working there, and most have been poor, and several have failed. Patients have raved about it, my friend who lives on the upper level of my office and is quite the stellar cook himself proclaimed it as excellent. With all of the stellar reviews, I had to try it for myself. I have to say that this is the best new restaurant in the area, and is right up there with Brookside Thai as the best restaurants on Broad St. Admittedly, I have not gone for dinner yet, but have gone several times for lunch and each time it's been excellent. The staff is helpful and friendly, the restaurant is clean and well decorated, and the food is fresh and delicious. The prices are reasonable as well. Unlike the other restaurants that have occupied this space, the restaurant is crowded for lunch and dinner--just about every day that it's open. BTW, Septemberdog61, that was a stellar review!
  10. Thanks. You'd think that someone in the know might, at the least, be interested in clearing things up. ← Drove over there a couple minutes ago and the place is indeed dark. More ominous is the fact that the hot dog paraphernalia's all been removed from the front windows. Looks as though they're done for good. ← I drove by myself today. Indeed, all of the window decor is gone, all of the stools are up on the side counter, and it appeared that all of the tables were removed. Definitely doesn't look promising.
  11. That IS interesting. Everytime I'd talked to the people at Reggiano's they confirmed that they were going to take over the space next store as soon as it went out of business. I'm happy to have just about anything other than that terrible Chinese restaurant in that location. Bill and Harry's is a bonus.
  12. chocolate sprinkles rainbow sprinkles m&m's reeses pieces nuts: walnuts pistachios peanuts etc
  13. If A&P has an issue with the video in that it depicts A&P in a negative light, that depiction only exists if people actually see the video. The fact that A&P has gone beyond what was necessary by merely firing the employees responsible and gone ahead with the lawsuit can be viewed on so many levels. 1. A&P by drawing more attention to the video by creating such publicity actually supports the video by ensuring that it is seen by a mass audience. This makes A&P both for and against the video simultaneously. 2. By going forward with such a lawsuit, A&P purchases more publicity and advertising at a cheaper price than they could have by utilizing the mass media outlets. 3. A&P should be thankful for the video and what may very well lead to an increase in revenues due to curiosity shoppers. 4. The videographers should counter sue A&P for any increase in revenues that the store incurs within a reasonable immediate time period, as they are partially responsible for said increase due to their participations as artists on this endeavor. 5. Perhaps a collaborative effort to edit and or reshoot the video could be mutually beneficial to both the artists and A&P. A&P could have a potential new advertising campaign on its hands while the artists could use this experience as a springboard towards career in film/entertainment. In the end, I suppose they will drag this out to the bitter end and come to some unpublicized out of court settlement, making the true victors once again-- --LAWYERS
  14. Dai-Kichi 608 Valley Rd Montclair, NJ 07043 (973) 744-2954 Nori 561 Bloomfield Ave Montclair, NJ 07042 (973) 655-8805 Nori
  15. hitmanoo


    I had to look to see where they were opening when you mentioned that the location was cursed. I thought you were crazy. Then I saw that it's the location of the old Ground Round. That place IS cursed! Sure hope they make it though. If the restaurant is that good, it should rise above the curse!!! As for the Bomber Group, that place didn't have much of a chance. I went there when I was in College, and the cops used to make it a point to break up the crowds and harass the patrons. They'd give out tickets, tow cars, arrest people, etc. It seemed like they did it just for the action as that was the only place in town at the time that was doing a decent night business. It's always a shame when cops abuse their authority out of sheer boredom.
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