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Using fruit puree in caramel


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49 minutes ago, tralfaz said:

I just saw a video of a caramel made with fruit puree (Great Australian Bake Off season 7-Darren Purchese).  It used roasted banana puree  added to what looks like a typical caramel.  Anyone here ever done this before?  I'd be afraid of burning the fruit in the process but the contestants seem to have success.


Here is a link to a discussion about bananas that includes mention of caramel.  There are other places this has been discussed.  I found that adding bananas near the end of caramel preparation drops the temperature so much that it takes a long time to get the caramel thick enough.  I now heat the bananas with the cream to as high a temp as possible before adding it to the caramel.  I use Wybauw's recipe, which has passion fruit that adds some acid to the sweetness of the bananas.  I also have a recipe that I developed for "bananas Foster" that works quite well.

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