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  1. Do you have a link for the chef rubber molds you're using? Thanks!
  2. Im just learning about guitar usage... What does the measurement on the base refer to? And there are cutting frames- are the measurements there regarding the spacing between the strings or can you change that yourself when youd like?
  3. These are great points to consider, thank you. Our caramels are our top seller followed by truffles. I'm happy hand dipping them at this point, but that may just be because I cannot fathom how much more amazingly efficient enrobing might be. But something that would streamline those processes while sticking with our "handmade" values would be great. A guitar could be handy for that especially if strong enough for caramel, though I would have to rework some ganache recipes for setting up in pans in appropriate dimensions. Do you have a recommendation for a tough g
  4. We dip everything by hand now, but it is all just scooped ganache. That or molded. Mold extras is a good consideration. Will a guitar cut caramel? That would be our most convenient use for it, if so. I was assuming a chill sesh between layers of chocolate with a panning tool. Havent done any airbrushing yet.. kind of daunting at this point. But fun?! Not issues with bubbles, just thought it might save some time by not having to do all the tapping? West coast
  5. Hi! I have a SMALL chocolate shop/cafe in Canada and I've just received a grant that I need to apply to my business and am trying to decide where best to put it. I have a chocovision rev delta and it serves us well, but I am planning to upgrade to a 3Z, as that is a higher capacity and will be within my price range. That will leave me with approx $3500 cad to spend on other items. We so far do most things small batch/small scale/by hand. Considering a panning machine or kitchenaid attachment? a vibrating table? an airbrush setup? Guitar cutter? Any other thoughts or
  6. That's an interesting idea.... I'll have to look into ratios of gelatin to booze, as I've never made a jelly before. Any recipe suggestions? Don't think it'll make for as pretty a picture of the insides, lol, but it might do the trick! thank you!
  7. Thanks! I think my mold is a 2.25"? Yeah, wasn't sure about including the mallows in with the liquor, but even a shell with just liquor seems like it'll eventually soften the integrity of the shell. From what I've been reading it seems most suggest to a sugary liqueur that will crystallize a layer inside the shell, but unless the bomb was full, i don't know how the layer would build up evenly around the inside of the shell, even with rotating it....
  8. Ive just hopped on the bandwagon and started making them for our shop. We're using homemade marshmallows, which definitely adds to the workload. Id like to start shipping them, but i do have packaging concerns. Any thoughts on best way to protect them? @pastrygirl I like the white idea too, for a festive design. Is that white chocolate, or cocoa butter, or confectioners sugar? Your packaging looks great as well :) Im also wondering about putting some booze in them. Can anyone comment on whether there is a trick, or considerations to be made, when housing straight liquor i
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