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Tea Wine?


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  • 2 months later...

Got any more details on what it is like?  Is it sweet tea that had yeast thrown into it? Is it grape juice that had tea leaves thrown into it?  Is it wine strength? Is it beer strength?  What is the source of the sugars that are converted to alcohol, since tea doesn't have any? Is it a derivative of the Mike's Hard Iced Tea kind of commercial products?  


There is a whole giant range of possibilities floating through my mind, some more appealing than others.  Using tea as an adjunct to wine grapes to fill in what they didn't pick up from their terroir is an interesting idea... A riesling that doesn't have enough structure  to be interesting could be infused with a greener oolong that brings the lilac and orchid notes maybe?  Plenty more unpromising grape opportunities that might be saved by infusing them with some tea...  But I have no idea if that is what you're taking about...  

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