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  1. I know this is some old stuff but I believe the idea I'm about to share will be useful for someone, especially food business owners. The food industry has advanced and these are the new materials been used. For some types of food packaging, the food contact material determines the name: a plastic bottle is made of plastic and has this material type in direct contact with the foodstuff. For glass jars the materials in contact with the foodstuff are glass and coated metal from the closure. In the case of beverage cartons the direct food contact layer is not carton, but laminated plastic. For aluminium cans a coating is in direct contact with the beverage. Some types of paper can also be coated (for example with a grease-proof coating). The term food contact material applies to food (and beverage) packaging, but also to any other materials that come into contact with food, either during storage, processing and filling, or consumption (like cooking utensils)
  2. michallen

    Tea Wine?

    Yes, I've tried it once and it's really on point. I was offered at a dinner some time ago. The taste was so nice and unique. You can give it a try too.
  3. Special thanks to admin for approving my account. I'm glad to be here. Looking forward to having a great time. Any helpful tip about the forum will be highly appreciated
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