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This may break a wine drinkers heart


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So you think you know wines?  Well perhaps you do.



As a very young man I attended a "beer tasting" night at my local surf club. (you know waves, surfboards, bikini's, sun tans ...).

YES A BEER TASTING! My mates and I were rather enamored of beer at that time so it was natural thing for us to do.

It was a good excuse anyway. Very few women attended, it was a blokes thing.

Well as the night wore on we had all tasted very well and as part of the night a group of men were selected (dragooned is probably the correct term) and presented on stage complete with blind folds. The object of the exercise was for them to identify what they were drinking. (I seem to remember there were 8 seated at a long trestle table)

They were all seasoned beer drinkers.

They had to identify 3 different drinks. Each was given 3 different drinks randomly so they could not confer with each other.

The drinks were Beer Stout and Water, but they were all at the same temperature.

Not one of them got all the drinks right!

What I found remarkable that most could not tell the difference between beer & water. (and no Australian beer at that time almost without exception had alcohol levels of between 4.75% -5.2%.)

It taught me a lot about taste. When I moved on to wine and started to seriously appreciate particularly red wines, i have always remembered that lesson.

It is what tastes good to you AT THE TIME and that mood and ambience of your surroundings have a marked influence on taste.

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Be kind first.

Be nice.

(If you don't know the difference then you need to do some research)

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