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  1. Lotte has nice fresh fish and crabs and some nice veggies. It is not too big though. (There is a Lotte in Fairfaz too I believe) If you are looking for big, there is a Korean/Oriental Market which I forgot to add to the list: called Korean Corner, and that too is in Maryland, but I forget the area's name. If you are on Randolph Avenue (off of Rockville Pike), you keep going straight till you hit a strip Mall on your left where Korean Corner is, I believe it is called Veirs Mill Road. They have all sorts of goodies like lotus leaves and garlic flowers, much like Lotte but a larger variety and
  2. Please let me know your thoughts on the Med Bakery if you venture out there!
  3. Suvir if you want good Fetoosh you should go to some of the Lebanese restaurants in Washington DC- Fetoush being one of them! (sp. may be diferent), Lebanese Taverna and Neyla. The trick is to add the crisped pita bread at the end as it gets really soggy otherwise.
  4. SteveKlc, Thank you for raising this issue. Being a food lover, I thought it was assumed that: "the same high quality products can be found here as in higher priced markets or sources." I love and enjoy looking for specialty high quality products at lower prices because I just don't see any need to spend, for example, $2 at Fresh Fields on a packet of fresh mint when I can get the same, for 50c at Yekta Irani market which is, in addition, even fresher and more fragrant. Quality reigns supreme, but do we really have to pay extortionate prices to get the product we want? The list I provided is
  5. Suvir, This is basically it to make fettoosh.
  6. Tea with fresh ginger.
  7. Jodi- Ovaltine and Milo my faves from prep school days! The best rice that I have had in the US is at an Afghani restaurant on 9th Avenue. The rice was long and thin, I have never ever had anything quite like it. At the Afghani restaurant they serve it with butter and sumac, it is exquisite. The name of the restaurant is Afghan Kebab House (9th Avenue, 51st Street) if anyone wants to do some rice research and find out where is was imported from. It is really worth it....and if you find out, please let all of us know!
  8. Suvir, I think you are being too magnanimous. A caped chef could have articulated his thoughts better than just lashing out without an explanation. This website is supposed to have a "fun factor" in it, no, for all of us who come home after a day's work, be it as a chef or an economist??? From A caped chef's comment it seems I was mistaken, this is an "elitist" website for professional chefs only, I am sorry, I thought it was for food lovers as well. These are the sort of mean comments which make people never want to log onto egullet again....I for one will not be checking this thread again...
  9. Chicken Broth from a can, (I feel verrrrry guilty about this), esp. when I use it for adding to a lovely asparagus soup or a risotto I am making. Sour shrimp paste (for Tom Yum soup, but I make my own thai curry pastes, so I guess that outweighs the "cheating")
  10. Broil anything for more than one minute! I have burnt two beautiful gratins already!
  11. BettyK, I will post the recipes for kheer and firni soon, things have been hectic. Again, I am awful when it comes to providing exact measurements, so please don't expect super fancy recipes! I think that is the beauty of this type of food!
  12. I have not been to the Italian Store in Arlington but have been to Vace. I find the prices to be quite higher than the other specialty stores in Washington. For example, the Sun of Italy brands, for example, are found in even a local Giant food store now- in comparison the prices at Vace are much higher. The buffalo milk mozarella from Campania that Vace carries can be found at Sutton Place Gourmet and is cheaper there. The San Pellegrino drinks (Limonata, for eg.) can be found at Trader Joe's for a lower price as well. The fresh pasta at Vace is good I must say. I went to Two Amy's pizzeri
  13. I thought it would be helpful to post the names of some specialty food stores (which are quite reasonably priced) in the Washington area for everyone, as I know how valuable it is to have this sort of information. I hope others can offer some tips as well. (I have been looking for a Thai grocery/spice store but have been unsuccessful.) Lebanese/ Mediterranean Mediterranean Bakery- South Picket Street , VA., near Landmark Mall Assadour- Off Rockville Pike, Randolph Street, MD. Irani and Mediterranean Yekta- Rockville Pike, MD. Indian/Pakistani International House- Rockville Pike, MD. (all the s
  14. Crisco is excellent for crisping up flatbreads, especially the ones from Pakistan/ North India, for example parathas and cornmeal based ones.
  15. oliva

    Simply Sublime

    A slice of warm toast with slices of brie and the best and thickest raspberry jam there is. And a cup of cardamom infused tea. Heaven.
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